WMU OT faculty, alumni revise essential OT text

Book cover, second edition

Developmental and Functional Hand Grasps is a popular text for occupational therapists and OT students, published in 2002 by Sandra Edwards, WMU OT professor emerita, along with WMU OT alumni, Donna Gallen and Jenna McCoy-Powlen.

Dr. Michelle Suarezassociate professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy and Unified Clinics OT coordinator, joined the authors in working on the book's second edition, which is now set for a March release.

"The first edition has been used worldwide and by disciplines more far reaching than my wildest expectations, like mechanical engineering, biotechnology and robotics," says Professor Edwards. "We expect the second book to serve a wide audience also, including our fellows in rehabilitation."

The second edition has been expanded with more content areas and new photographs, illustrations and charts for students and clinicians to use in education and practice. The expanded scope of the text also resulted in an updated title, Hand Grasps and Manipulation Skills: Clinical Perspective of Development and Function, Second Edition.

"The original text has been an essential reference for OTs and students," says Dr. Suarez. "I was very happy to contribute to this second edition and help expand its scope to cover more of the information that's become relevant and important to OTs in the 16 years since it's original publication."

Professor Sandra Edwards and Dr. Michelle Suarez

"Dr. Suarez has been a rich addition to our team with her academic and clinical expertise," says Professor Edwards. "Her emotional intelligence is an asset for any team."

The new chapters in the book include information about in utero development of the hand, left handedness, scissor skill development, in hand manipulation skills, and extensive information regarding clinical application.

The second edition will be available in March 2018.