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This is a form where you can:

  • Report DEI-related concerns that you have seen or experienced in the college or anywhere on campus.
  • Celebrate DEI-related successes in the college.
  • Ask DEI-related questions or make DEI-related suggestions for the college.

DEI Dropbox (Contact CHHS DEI)

Name and email are not required.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
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What happens to your submission?

  • All submissions are sent directly to the director of the DEI office, with the college’s marketing manager copied as a backup.
  • Specific or urgent concerns are elevated as needed, to the college’s academic affairs office, directly to the dean of the college, or to the University Ombuds office. The CHHS DEI director has no contractual authority to intervene with WMU staff or faculty. Therefore we guide submissions to existing WMU processes and procedures to resolve concerns wherever possible.
  • We respect privacy in cases that require confidentiality. Sometimes, that need is obvious, but you may include a request for confidentiality in your comment. General questions and non-private submissions will be shared with the DEI committee to initiate conversations about policy recommendations for the college.
  • The form is anonymous; you do not have to leave your name or email unless you want someone to respond to you. In many cases, contact information may lead to a more satisfying or complete resolution of an issue. However, submissions here are treated seriously with or without contact information attached