Health Careers Pipeline Program

Program Overview

The Health Careers Pipeline Program represents a partnership with the WMU College of Health and Human ServicesSpectrum Health and the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. The program is directed at high school students from underrepresented and minority populations, with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of highly qualified health and human service professionals from those groups.

HCPP is a seven week mentorship program, centered on health career exploration, college readiness and leadership development, for underrepresented and minority ninth and tenth grade high school students from urban and rural communities in the West-Michigan region.

Each cohort will include high school students from underserved rural and urban school and undergraduate mentors from health and human service programs at Western Michigan University and Grand Valley State University.

Students and mentors will meet for 90 minutes, weekly for seven weeks. Meetings will cover a variety of topics meant to introduce health careers to students, while allowing college mentors to discuss their own experiences as students working toward those careers. 

The program will utilize a virtual format. 

Participating high schools include:

  • Grand Rapids Public Schools: Innovation Central, Ottawa Hills, Grand Rapids Prep
  • East Kentwood High School
  • Newaygo County Public High Schools: Hesperia and White Cloud

Apply to participate

9th or 10th grade participants

Are you a high school student interested in learning more about the various health and human services careers, as well as developing your leadership characteristics? This virtual program is for you!


Undergraduate mentors

Are you a WMU or GVSU student interested in becoming a HCPP mentor? Activities in the program are meant to foster personal growth, college readiness and leadership characteristics.


2022 Schedule

All sessions are on Monday evenings from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., and include a healthcare-related topic as well as the presentation of a leadership characteristic as highlighted in Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, by Angela Duckworth.

  • Program Launch Overview with Introduction Activities
    Personal Characteristic: CURIOSITY

  • Current & Emerging Health Topics
    Personal Characteristic: GRIT

  • Responding to Life Threatening Conditions
    Personal Characteristic: OPTIMISM  

  • Health Career Exploration - Speed Dating Style
    Personal Characteristic: SELF CONTROL

  • Simulation Lab and Anatomage Table
    Personal Characteristic: GRATITUDE

  • Success after High School: Where do I go from here?
    Personal Characteristic: SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE

  • Pathway Into the Horizon with Student Presentations                                                  Personal Characteristic: ZEST

Multi-organization collaboration

  • The WMU College of Health and Human Services provides logistical planning, coordination, execution and longitudinal tracking of the program and its participants. 

  • Spectrum Health provides brand recognition and financial support this program - $10,000 annually for five years beginning in fall 2020.

  • Michigan State University College of Human Medicine provides medical students to assist with curriculum development. Medical students receive service learning credit for their participation. 

HCPP Mission and Vision

  • The Health Careers Pipeline Program will empower West Michigan area high school students with opportunities to pursue careers in the health and human service professions through exposure to health career options, health and wellness education, and a relationship with a WMU student mentor.

  • Students participate in hands-on experiences that are engaging and enriching and that foster personal growth and leadership qualities.

  • The HCPP will help students develop confidence and a support system for their journey into post-secondary education and beyond.