CHHS Space Request

Room requests should be submitted at least five days before your event/activity. The dean's office is responsible for fulfilling these requests. Contact the dean's office or email with any questions.

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Note: The building coordinator will contact the advisor listed here. This request will not be considered until it is confirmed by the advisor.

Atrium only: Please use the box below to indicate the number of tables you require and where you would like to be located.

(If applicable)
If your event spans multiple dates or various times, please indicate so in the Additional Information box below.
If custodial services are required, the cost will be covered by the department hosting the event. If no custodial services are required, the contact person is responsible for making sure the room is reasonably clean and restored to standard condition after the event.
Include any additional information you feel may be required while assigning a room for your event.
I agree to be respectful of the CHHS building space. Additionally, the faculty/staff advisor and I understand that the department will be held responsible for any additional building costs incurred as the result of this event.

Please review all information before submitting your request. Submissions are considered on a "first come, first served" basis.

Note: The submission of this form does not ensure your space reservation. You will receive an email from the dean's office with your final confirmation.

Parking: Please speak directly with Parking Services to make specific parking arrangements, if necessary.

Technology support: If you require classroom or other technology for your event, submit an additional request to CHHS IT.