Jacqueline L. Wylie

Photo of Jacqueline L Wylie.Jacqueline L. Wylie is dedicated to the nursing field.

"I love nursing," she says, "and I had a passion for becoming an educator and being able to support nursing students."

Wylie earned a bachelor's degree in biology and a master's degree in communication from Western Michigan University and a Master of Science in Nursing from Wayne State University. Her enthusiasm for the profession led to positions as director of the Bronson School of Nursing and a faculty specialist II at WMU.

During Wylie's career, she led by example and positively influenced the lives of many students.

"I had these students," she says, "who needed more, but received less. They needed more than education; they needed a mentor to help them. Some kids didn't have boot straps. Nobody does it on their own."

This insight, along with Wylie's deep desire to see people achieve their goals, led her to establish an endowment that helps students overcome some of these challenges.

The Loren E. and Nellie M. Clark Nursing Scholarship

In 2001, Wylie created the Loren E. and Nellie M. Clark Nursing Scholarship, named in honor of her parents, who encouraged her to pursue her dreams. She saw nursing as a great opportunity for people to succeed, including those from under-represented or culturally disadvantaged groups. Through offering scholarships to others, she wanted to pass that gift along.

Wylie feels that with scholarship money, individuals become more responsible for their own destinies; there's a greater chance for success if they can study more and worry less about finances. She also believes that charity begins at home.

"I wanted to be a model for my family," she states, "helping them to see the importance of giving, that our finances extend beyond family." She adds, "We need to stand tall with everyone. We don't do well if the community doesn't do well. We are all connected."