Culture Shock Information

Culture Shock

The Cordell Hull Foundation for International Education (CHF) has granted permission to I3S to share this valuable infographic about culture shock.

The Cordell Hull Foundation for International Education (CHF) has created a very informative culture shock curve and video presentation.  They have granted permission to International Student and Scholar Services (I3S) to share this valuable information with our students and scholars.  

The process of culture shock is a normal phenomenon that happens when you leave your home country and go to a foreign country where the customs, and usually the language, is different. Culture shock usually is comprised of 5 phases: (1) honeymoon phase, (2) rejection phase, (3) adjustment/adaptation phase, (4) integration/biculturalism phase and (5) reverse culture shock (that occurs after you return back to your home country at the end of your program here).

Cordell Hull Foundation Culture Shock Presentation

We encourage you to watch this video presentation to prepare yourself for when you experience culture shock.

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