De-provisioning Personal Web Page Services

After providing personal Web page services to WMU students, faculty and staff for nearly 15 years, the Office of Information Technology has begun planning for the de-provisioning of this service. At the time WMU began offering this service, one of the first schools in the state of Michigan to do so, other options such as Elearning, Google Apps for Education, Facebook and Linkedin were not available as they are today. As of June 30, no new personal non-course related website registrations will be allowed in This initial change will not impact existing personal pages.

Faculty who require students to use homepages to complete course assignments will need to work with IT to get their students provisioned into homepages. With the support of the Faculty Senate Academic and Information Technology Council, IT staff will begin working with faculty to assist the transition to other options.

Faculty with questions who use homepages for student courses should contact Bruce Paananen. Faculty seeking more information about other options for non-course related homepages should contact the Faculty Technology Center. Additionally, more information may be found on the Help Desk's cloud services page and the Elearning website.