These are the Office of Information Technology's priorities, rooted in their core values of engagement, empowerment, innovation, and transformation.

Last year's projects and key accomplishments are outlined in the 2020 Year in Review

  • Communications Technology Governance Team

    Summary: The Office of Information Technology is seeking a diverse group of faculty and staff to serve on the new Communications Technology Governance Team. This team will provide collaborative oversight and strategic direction for the University’s communications technologies and evaluate requests for enhancements, new implementation projects, and set priorities for IT. The team’s oversight will include, but not be limited to, W-Exchange/Office 365 apps, Email, calendaring, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Webex, Google Apps, Telecommunications, and other related technologies.  

    Current Status: Soliciting membership

    Target Completion: Coming soon

    Team: Adam Newsted and Alonzo Wilson, Office of Information Technology

  • Cisco Unity Voicemail Migration

    Summary: The migration of voice mail users from the old Octel system to Cisco Unity, which provides a new user experience and additional functions such as listing to voicemail through W-Exchange. With W-Exchange voicemail, users can easily access and manage messages from an email inbox, web browser, desk phone, smartphone, or tablet.

    Current StatusIn Progress

    Target Completion: Coming soon

    Team: Communication & Collaboration Technology

  • Manager Self Service for Faculty, Staff and Temps

    Summary: Manager Self Service for Faculty, Staff, and Temps

    Current Status: In Planning

    Target Completion: Scheduled implementation June 1, 2021

    Team: Enterprise Administrative Applications

  • SalesForce Integrated Campus Experience

    Summary: The SalesForce Portal/ Constituent Experience (CX) governance sub-committee is proposing the implementation of a new Integrated Campus Experience, powered by SalesForce, to provide a single digital source of internal information, technology access, knowledge base, service catalogs, engagement, support, and service management tools. This project will replace the GoWMU portal and seek to focus students, faculty, and staff toward an experience that is personalized, efficient, and smart 

    Current Status: In Planning, engaging with the design team

    Target Completion: Coming soon

    Team: Strategic Project and Service Management

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Employees

    Summary: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) will be required for all university employees and affiliates to increase security and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive university data. This will protect financial information, student and employee records, and other data stored on enterprise systems such as Banner and PeopleSoft due to employees falling victim to phishing and scams. 2FA is already required for all students, as of January 2020.

    Current Status: In Progress

    Target Completion: February 1, 2022

    Team: Strategic Project, and Service Management

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Efforts Rooted in IT Core Values

  • Empowerment

    The resources we provide should be; hassle-free and flexible, accessible, reliable and secure, and affordable.

  • Engagement

    How we work together should include; student-focus, inclusive and collaborative practice, shared accountability, and iterative strategies.

  • Innovation

    The results of empowerment and engagement should produce technology-enhanced innovation.

  • Transformation

    Innovation leads to transformed students, a transformed University. Strategic direction is informed by information and data.