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Cisco Webex Meetings
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Cisco Webex is now available to all students, faculty, and staff offering rich, real-time collaborative web meetings and presentations. The suite provides a powerful set of tools that keeps users connected such as web conferencing, personal meeting rooms, screen sharing, interactive training environments, large-scale online events, and integration with W-Exchange email.

This technology can help improve productivity in the workplace by enabling teams to work faster, smarter, and more effectively while all on a secure network. There are two types of meetings available within Webex Meetings: Meetings and Personal Rooms. Webex Meetings are intended for standard, scheduled meetings, whereas a Personal Meeting is treated as an office space. Instructors can share a link to their personal meeting room with their students and have complete control of who enters their meeting by locking and unlocking the room.  Students can also use Webex Meetings to stay in touch with their friends and family without the hassle. Users can choose either option based on which features fulfill their needs and enhances their experience.

To get started with Webex Meetings visit the Webex Login Page

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