3 Things You Should Know About 2FA

WMU + 2FA = A Safer U
Posted by Lindsay Rogers on

Western Michigan University students are now required to use the Duo Mobile application alongside their username and password to gain access to their goWMU student portal. Students can quickly verify their identity by approving push notifications on their smartphone devices before accessing Elearning accounts, payment and account information, course registration and other private information.  

The Western Herald recently highlighted the transition moving beyond passwords, however, students are still learning about how the technology works and it’s security features. Students can protect their accounts without any inconvenience by knowing these three things about 2FA.

Do I Have to Use 2FA Every Time I Log In?

Nope! The Office of Information Technology highly recommends students use the Remember Me option when logging in, which will allow users to be remembered on their device (using the same internet browser) for 30 days.

What If My Primary 2FA Device Is Not Available?

If students do not have access to their smartphone, they can still access their WMU account. Students have three primary methods for logging in when their device is not available: generating SMS (text message) backup codes, receiving a one-time bypass code, or registering a second device for 2FA (such as a tablet). Instructions for utilizing each of these methods can be found at 2FA Backup Options.

What If I Replace My Smartphone?

Students can reactive the Duo Mobile application on their new device by logging into the Duo Device Management Portal and navigating to their Settings. Students will be required to verify the type of device and tap the + icon to scan a QR code on their screen.  

Learn more about using 2FA by visiting https://wmich.edu/it/2fa