Seminar Series

The Department of Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University invites you to explore the world of biology in through our seminar series each semester.

fall 2018 seminar series

Fridays from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in 1710 Wood Hall (exceptions noted below)

Dr. Wendy Beane, Faculty Coordinator

Sept. 7, 2018

Dr. Blaine Moore, Kalamazoo College
"Mechanisms, Regulation and Functional Evolution of Alzheimer's Disease Proteins" 

Sept. 21, 2018

Dr. Bilinda Straight, Western Michigan University–Anthropology
"Epigenetic Approaches to the Evolution of Prosocial Human Behavior: Methods and Questions" 

Sept. 28, 2018 
1260 Chemistry

Michael K. Bach Distinguished Visiting Lecturer 
Dr. Grant McFadden, Arizona State University
"Oncolytic Virotherapy with Myxoma Virus" 

Oct. 5, 2018 
2 p.m. in 1220 Chemistry

Distinguished Alumni Speaker
Dr. Jim Olson, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
"Discovering and Designing Drugs with Guidance from Nature"

Oct. 12, 2018

Dr. Gili Marbach–Ad, University of Maryland
"Using Data Driven Faculty Professional Development to Promote Change in Undergraduate Education" 

Oct. 26, 2018

Dr. Tim Wootton, University of Chicago 
"Navigating the Tangled Bank: Environmental Impacts on Ecological Networks"  

Nov. 2, 2018

Dr. Ximena Bernal, Purdue University
"Ornaments, Enemies and Sensory Filters in the Evolution of Communication Systems" 

Nov. 9, 2018

 Dr. Labib Rouhana, Wright State University
"Identification of Genes Required for Germline Development Using Planarians in Undergraduate Coursework"  

Nov. 16, 2018

 Dr. Paul Price, Eastern Michigan University
"Deciphering the Language of Symbiotic Communication" 

Nov. 30, 2018

Dr. Nick Haddad, Kellogg Biological Station and Michigan State University
"Conservation Corridors for Nature and for People"  

Dec. 7, 2018

Dr. Jonathan Bauer, Miami University.
"Restoring Plant–Microbe Interactions"