The Department of Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University annually recognizes students who have made significant contributions through scholarly activities, as well as service, research and leadership.

Colin J. Gould Memorial Scholarship

  • 2017—Meskerem Tolossa
  • 2016—Aurora Mokris
  • 2015—Allison Spring
  • 2014—Nicole Carpp
  • 2013—Evan White


  • 2017—Ramsey Potter

Distinguished Biological Sciences Graduate Student

  • 2017—Alanna VanHuizen
  • 2016—Taylor Birkholz and Erin Grabarczyk
  • 2015—Justin Hackett
  • 2014—Jacob Job
  • 2013—Teresa Clark

Distinguished Pre-Professional in Biomedical Sciences

  • 2016—Salma Mumuni
  • 2015—Matthew Pate
  • 2014—Erin Donovan
  • 2013—Stephanie Jerger

Distinguished Senior in Biology

  • 2017—Eric Branch and Samantha Hack
  • 2016—Allison Spring
  • 2015—Shaana Way
  • 2014—John Christie
  • 2013—Ryan Wessendorf

Distinguished Senior in Biomedical Sciences

  • 2017—Maninder Randhawa and Gabrielle Watson
  • 2016—Meagan Ackerman
  • 2015—Emily Manzon
  • 2015—Jacob Morton
  • 2014—Qing Shu
  • 2013—Kevin Heinz

Dr. Darrell R. Latva Biological Sciences Teaching Excellence Award

  • 2016—Dr. David Rudge
  • 2015—Dr. David Karowe
  • 2014—Dr. John Jellies
  • 2013—Dr. Leonard Ginsberg

Frank Hinds Zoology Award

  • 2017—MacKenzie King and Emily Bolhuis
  • 2016—Jill Syrotchen and MacKenzie King
  • 2014—Damir Musaev
  • 2013—Jamie Smith

Graduate Research and Creative Scholar

(Department nomination; given by the Graduate College)

  • 2017—Angela Kennedy-Mendez (master's teaching), Christy Kalata (master's teaching), Jamie Smith (master's research), Taylor Birkholz (Ph.D. teaching), NaTasha Schiller (Ph.D. research)
  • 2016—Diana Carter (master's teaching), Ryan Wessendorf (master's research), Erin Grabarczyk (Ph.D. teaching), Ruiqi Huang (Ph.D. research)
  • 2015—Matthew Deighton (master's teaching), John Christie (master's research), NaTasha Schiller (Ph.D. teaching), Carol Beaver (Ph.D. research)
  • 2014—Yih Wen Goh (master's teaching), Eeleng Choong (master's research), Jacob Job (Ph.D. teaching) and John-Mary Vianney (Ph.D. research)
  • 2013—Michael Clark (master's teaching), Amanda McKenna (master's research), Monica McCullough (Ph.D. teaching) and David Jeng (Ph.D. research)

Hazel Wirick Scholarship

  • 2017—Tonia Aho (undergraduate) and Nicole Dubs (graduate)
  • 2016—Dustin Rowland (graduate), Amy Kobylarz (undergraduate)
  • 2015—Nicholas Martin (graduate), Christian Visser and Allyson Wentala (undergraduate)
  • 2014—Scott Warner (graduate) and Mallory Burdo (undergraduate)
  • 2013—Andrew O'Donnell (graduate) and James O'Donnell (graduate)

Leo C. Vander Beek Graduate Student Plant Biology Award

  • 2017—Sadia Kana
  • 2016—Manasa Bellur Satyanarayan
  • 2015—Ruiqi Huang
  • 2014—Justin Hackett
  • 2013—Andrew O'Donnell and James O'Donnell

Merrill Wiseman Award in Microbiology

  • 2017—Helene Woyczesczyk
  • 2016—Garrett Kingsbury
  • 2015—MIchael Monaco
  • 2014—Steven Aiello
  • 2013—Olivia Walser

MPI Outstanding Research Award

  • 2017—Marwa Saad (undergraduate), Breanna Varker (undergraduate), Jamie Smith (master's) and Thomas Groves (Ph.D.)
  • 2016—Eric Branch (undergraduate), Megan Stanchfield (undergraduate), Nicholas Martin (master's) and Tiantian Zhang (Ph.D.)
  • 2015—Harrison Bach (undergraduate), Diana Carter (master's) and Carol Beaver (Ph.D.)
  • 2014—Evan White (undergraduate), Hannah Borton (master's) and Amy Gyorkos (Ph.D.)
  • 2013—Barbara Buehler (undergraduate), David Mata (master's) and Monica McCullough (Ph.D.)

Presidential Scholar

(Department nomination; University award)

  • 2017—Kelsey Cushway
  • 2016—Marine Bolliet
  • 2015—Joseph Barnett
  • 2014—Olivia Walser
  • 2013—Kathleen Mulka


  • 2017—Kelsey Cushway and Matthew Gibson
  • 2015—Keith Meyers

Students advancing biological research and engagement (sabre)

  • 2016—Sianoush Fereidani, Devon Volz and Zach Stoner