Using SciENcv

As of October 23, 2023, NSF is requiring all biosketches to be in a standard format through SciENcv. 

Download this information.

To access SciENcv, go to their site, then log in. You can log in using any of multiple log-in options, including eRA Commons, ORCiD,, NIH, and NCBI. ORI recommends utilizing ORCiD for both log in and document creation.


Select “Create New Document” to begin the process.


Name your document


Select the type needed


Choose either “Start with a blank document” OR “External Source: ORCiD”


Click “Create” to open document.

Next you will navigate the blue links in the page to add your information. If you’ve uploaded from ORCiD or another source, some of this information will be auto-populated.


Finishing Up

Once you’ve completed all the fields, you can “View Draft” to assure that everything looks correct. Then, when you select “Download PDF,” it will ask you to certify the information provided. 


Congrats! You’ve made your first Biosketch through SciENcv.