Proposal Process

The Office of Research and Innovation at Western Michigan University provides a number of resources to assist with the development of a strong external funding proposal. The principal investigator has primary responsibility for developing a proposal and a project budget that complies with applicable WMU and sponsor policies and regulations. The research office and research program officers are available for assistance and support throughout the process.

Researchers are urged to contact their research program officer as soon as a funding opportunity has been identified. It is never too early to consult with a proposal expert.

Drawing depicting proposal process: find funding, develop proposal, route and submit proposal, receive award, set up project, manage project, close out project.

Step 1: Develop a proposal

The Office of Research and Innovation has compiled guidelines, samples and other tools to help principal investigators at WMU in developing their proposals.

Get proposal-development tools.   COMMONLY REQUESTED DATA 

Step 2: Route and submit the proposal

In most cases, the University—not the principal investigator—is considered to be the applicant on a proposal. Any proposal that will be submitted on behalf of the University or that involves a project that will be performed by a University employee as part of a University appointment or will use any University resources must be approved by the appropriate WMU officials prior to submission. This internal routing and approval process is completed using the Proposal Approval Form.

Start the routing and approval process.

Step 3: Manage the project

The principal investigator has primary responsibility for achieving the technical success of the project while complying with financial and administrative policies and regulations.

Learn about the PI’s project administration responsibilities.

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Proposal Approval Form