Supporting Arts and Humanities Projects

The Supporting Arts and Humanities Projects speaker series is aimed at faculty and other researchers in those broad areas of inquiry who want to know how to obtain internal and external funding for their projects but don't know where to start. Featuring experts from outside the university and from WMU, the series is for faculty at any level who need inspiration and concrete advice on how to prepare, present, and compete for project grant support. 

Registration is not required, but appreciated.


Sponsored by the Office of Research and Innovation and the University Center for the Humanities 

Fall Term 2022

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How (and Why) to Apply for Grants and Fellowships in the Humanities

Friday, September 30, 2022, 12 noon to 1:30pm

Guest Speaker: Dr. Marilynn Richtarik, Professor of English, Georgia State University

View Slides from the talk here. 



Securing Internal Funding for Arts & Humanities Projects

Friday, October 14, 9am to 10:00am 
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Panel Featuring: Jonathan Bush, Professor of English; Sally Hadden, Professor of History; Mark Hurwitz, FRACAA Chair and Professor of Political Science and Gender & Women's Studies; Kelsey Paschich, Assistant Professor of Dance  

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The Arts Funding Hustle

Friday, November 11, 12noon to 1:00pm

Panel Featuring: Cat Crotchett, WMU 2021 Distinguished Faculty Scholar and Professor of Art; and Martha Councell-Vargas, WMU Presidential Innovation Professor of Music

Watch the replay.


Spring Term 2023

Applying to Artist Residencies

Friday, January 13, 12noon to 1:30pm

Headshot of Courtney Bethel

Guest Speaker: Courtney Bethel, Admissions Director, The Macdowell Colony

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Fulbright Opportunities for the Arts and Humanities

Friday, February 17th 9am to 10am


Hosted by Michelle Metro-Roland

Watch the replay here. Download the slides. 



Funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Friday, March 17, 9am to 10am


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Panel Featuring: Dini Metro-Roland, Professor of Education Foundations; Ann Miles, Director of the University Center for the Humanities and

Professor of Sociology; Jana Schulman, Professor of English; and Lofty Durham, Associate Professor of Theatre and Associate Director of the

Office of Faculty Development.

Watch the Replay Here.  

Image of a black man being film on a cell phone

Photo: Interview with Shaykh Ali Sulieman Ali, Muslim Center,

Detroit, August, 2020. Photo courtesy of Tasleem Joseph.

Digital Humanities, Accessibility, and Paths to Funding Anti-Racist Research

Friday, March 24, 9am to 10am

Panel Featuring: Amy Bocko, Digital Librarian, and Alisa Perkins, Associate Presidential Innovation Professor of Comparative Religion

Download the slides. Watch the replay.