Biosafety–Recombinant and Synthetic DNA

These Biosafety–Recombinant and Synthetic DNA policies and procedures exist to ensure that all research and activities involving the use of altered or synthetic and potentially hazardous DNA or RNA and their products are conducted in a safe and secure environment at Western Michigan University.

Genomic DNA of plants and bacteria that have acquired a transportable element, even if the latter was donated from a recombinant vector no longer present, are not subject to this policy unless the transposon in itself contains recombinant or synthetic DNA.

Committee oversight: WMU Institutional Biosafety Committee—IBC 

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No training requirements for Biosafety–Recombinant and Synthetic DNA.

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Julia Mays
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Associate Director of Research Compliance

Karim Essani
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Biosafety Officer

Silvia Rossback
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IBC Chair