Foreign Influence

Foreign influence and federal funding

The federal government is paying close attention to the issue of foreign influence and the protection of US intellectual property. It is important the university comply with the regulations and also uphold the intellectual freedom and international collaboration that are traditional hallmarks of university science in the United States. Know what is required prior to application or receiving funds; such as a disclosure of all sources of funding, conflicts of interest as well as affiliations with other institutions. The team at the Office of Research and Innovation is here to help. Please discuss any questions or concerns you have with your research officer

With all agencies it is clear a renewed effort is now underway to ensure that existing requirements to disclose current and pending support information are known, and especially as relates to participation in foreign government talent recruitment programs. ORI will help all principle investigators assure they remain complaint with these requirements. In addition, WMU is bringing together interested parties across the university such as general counsel, human resources, the Haenicke Institute for Global Education and others to assure WMU is following the best practices from the APLU AAU “Actions Taken by Universities to Address Growing Concerns about Security Threats and Undue Foreign Influence on Campus” white paper.  

Continuing dialogue

Conversation at American Association for the Advancement of Science

Federal Resources

National Institute of Health Policies on Other Support and on Policies related to Financial Conflicts of Interest and Foreign Components


National Science Foundation. Note: NSF Senior project personnel on proposals are to disclose all sources of support, both foreign and domestic.

Department of Energy

Department of Defense


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