Research Policies and Procedures

The Office of Research and Innovation oversees most policies associated with conducting research and creative activities at Western Michigan University. Below are links to a variety of policies related to our office:




Authority to Sign Agreements  

 Authority to Sign Agreements Policy  



Compliance—Agency Training

Agency-Required Training Policy  

Compliance—Animal Safety

Animal Use in Research, Teaching and Testing Policy See Animal Care page for procedure process


Dual Use of Research Concern Policy  
  Microbiological Safety and Security Policy  
  Recombinant or Synthetic DNA Policy  

Compliance—Export Control

Research Export Control Policy  
  WMU Policy for Inviting International Visitors to WMU  
Compliance—Human Subjects in Research Human Subjects Research Protection and the Institutional Review Board Policy  
  Research subject consent/assent document approval stamp policy  
     Required Training for Human Subjects Researchers
Compliance—Radiation Safety Radiation Safety Policy  
Compliance—Registering Clinical Trials Registering with Policy  

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Policy—Research  

Cost Share

  Propose and Request Cost Share for Externally Funded Proposals Procedure

Debarment and Suspension

Debarment and Suspension from Sponsored Projects Policy  

Eligibility to Serve as PI

Eligibility to Serve as WMU Principal Investigator on Sponsored Projects Policy (Currently under review)  

Facilities and Administrative Funds

Recovery of Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs Policy Guidance Regarding On and Off Campus Facilities and Administrative Rates Procedure
  Facilities and Administrative Funds Returned to Departments, Centers, Institutes, Colleges and Investigator – Use of

Requesting a F&A Rate Waiver Procedure

Grants and Contracts


Grants & Contracts—Cost Transfer

Cost Transfer Policy Cost Transfer Procedure

Grants & Contracts—Excess Compensation

Excess Compensation Policy - under review  Excess Compensation Procedure

Grants & Contracts—Federal Costing Principles

Federal Costing Principles Policy Federal Costing Principles Procedure

Grants & Contracts—Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act Reporting

FFATA Reporting Policy FFATA Reporting Procedure

Grants & Contracts—Federally Funded Equipment

Federally Funded Equipment Policy  

Grants & Contracts—Fixed Price Agreement

Fixed Price Agreement Policy - under review

Fixed Price Policy and Procedure - 2003

 Fixed Price Agreement Procedure

Grants & Contracts—Fly America Act

Fly America Act Policy   

Grants & Contracts—Participant Support Costs

Participant Support Costs Policy  

Grants & Contracts—Prior Approval Request

Prior Approval Request Policy - under review  Prior Approval Request Procedure

Grants & Contracts—Program Income

Program Income in Sponsored Projects Policy - under review  

Grants & Contracts—Project Closeout

Project Closeout Policy - under review Project Closeout Procedure - 2011

Grants & Contracts—Research participation Compensation

Research Participation Compensation Policy  

Grants & Contracts—Signature Authority

Signature Authority on Grants and Contracts  

Grants & Contracts—Summer Salary

Summer Salary on Grants and Contracts Policy  Summer Salary on Grants and Contract Procedure

Grants & Contracts—Subrecipient Monitoring

Subrecipient Monitoring Policy  Subrecipient Monitoring Procedure

Grants & Contracts—Unallowable Costs - Reasonableness Doctrine

Unallowable Costs - Reasonableness Doctrine Policy Unallowable Costs - Reasonableness Doctrine Procedure

IT Rules

Information Technology Rules and Policies  

Institutional Base Salary Policy

Institutional Base Salary Policy  

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Policy  

Proposal Submission

  Proposal Submission Procedure for External Funding

Recovery of Facilities and Administrative Costs

Recovery of Facilities and Administrative Costs Policy  

Research Export Control

Research Export Control Policy  

Research Misconduct

Research Misconduct Policy  

The Faculty Senate's Research Policies Council reviews, develops, and recommends policies dealing with the enhancement and implementation of research and creative activity in the University.

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