Collaborative Proposals Between KVCC and WMU

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Guidelines for collaborative proposals between KVCC and WMU.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College and Western Michigan University share not only geographical proximity but shared missions in promoting the highest quality education which often also includes service and research opportunities for our faculty, staff and students.  To promote successful and competitive proposals for extramural funding to support such initiatives, KVCC and WMU leadership follow internal processes to assure full support for such proposals.  Any faculty or staff at either institution who wish to propose a collaborative program need to be aware of, and follow, the below deadlines and steps.  By starting at the earliest stages to assure full commitment of both institutions and the feasibility of the programs proposed, we can increase the success of our programs, and thus the success of our students, faculty and staff.

Proposal Planning and Submission

For KVCC faculty and staff                                                                                            

Recognize and respect that WMU has their own deadlines which differ from KVCC deadlines. 

All grant submissions are approved by the KVCC President and follow the grants process:

  • Make sure the KVCC Provost and President’s Office is aware of the opportunity or initiative as soon as a collaboration is considered
  • Submit the grant writing approval form to the President’s Cabinet preferably 6 weeks prior to the grant submission deadline 
  • Request other internal required information 3 weeks before the grant is due
  • Write/submit the initial draft of the proposal and budget to the President’s office 2 weeks before the submission deadline
  • Submit the final version of the proposal, budget and all other ancillary documents to the President’s office one week prior to the submission date 
  • Submit a copy of the full final grant proposal to the President’s office once the grant is submitted

For WMU faculty and staff

Make sure the right people within WMU are aware of the opportunity or initiative as soon as a collaboration is considered, such as Dean for a college wide program, WMU Provost for a university wide program etc.  Especially early if cost share is required or a letter is required.

Recognize and respect that KVCC has their own deadlines which are earlier than WMU deadlines.

Let your Research Officer in The Office of Research and Innovation know as soon as you are planning to submit, especially for complex grants.

The Proposal Approval Form (PAF) must be completed and routed to the ORI research officer by 12 noon seven (7) business days before the deadline.

All administrative items/ancillary documents are required in their final version by 12 noon, five (5) business days before the sponsor deadline.

The proposal, in its final form for submission to the sponsor, including the final project technical description, is due by 12 noon two (2) business days before the sponsor deadline. 

Send KVCC a copy of the final submission provided to the sponsor and any reviews from the sponsor.

 Direct any questions to:

KVCC President’s Office: Kathy Johnson Associate Vice President Analytics and Compliance.

WMU Office of Research and Innovation: Terri Goss Kinzy Vice President for Research and Innovation.