Photo of Remzi Seker
Vice President for Research and Innovation
(269) 387-8294
Photo of Kelli Bond
Executive Assistant Senior
(269) 387-8216
Photo of Jamie Baker
Research Program Officer
(269) 387-8272
Photo of Bernadette Ballard-Reid
Executive Assistant, BRCC
(269) 544-1072
Photo of Julie Boylan
Research Officer
269 387-8298
Administrative Assistant II
(269) 387-5954
Research Facilities Manager
(269) 387-5954
Photo of Jim Center
Radiation Safety and Export Control Officer
(269) 387-5933
Photo of Anastasia Councell
Restricted Fund Accountant
(269) 387-4734
Photo of Bonnie Gabriel
Business Manager Associate
(269) 387-8295
Photo of Stephen Haakenson
Executive Director, BRCC
(269) 544-1072
Director Technology and Innovation Advancement
269 387-8283
Photo of Julia Mays
Associate Director Research Compliance
(269) 387-8293
Photo of Betty McKain
Senior Director of Research Administration
(269) 387-4728
Photo of Courtney Michalka
Research Program Officer
(269) 387-8273
Photo of Joy Mills
Restricted Fund Accountant Senior
(269) 387-4729
Photo of Shellie Mosher
Associate Director of Grants and Contracts
(269) 387-4727
Photo of Amy Naugle
Chair of the Human Subject Institutional Review Board
(269) 387-7824
Photo of Jen Rice
Restricted Fund Accountant Senior
(269) 387-4746
Photo of Christine Scheller
Restricted Fund Accountant Sr.
Research Program Officer
(269) 387-8270
Assistant Director, Technology and Commercialization
Photo of Denise Wheatley
Associate Director of Research and Sponsored Programs
(269) 387-8280
Photo of Lori Wingate
Executive Director, Evaluation Center
(269) 387-5922