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The first step in securing funding is to identify the right sponsor and opportunity for a particular project. No single database will provide a comprehensive list of all opportunities. Funding is available internally and externally for faculty and staff members as well as students, and opportunities exist to support a variety of activities, such as research, education, training, fellowships, program or curriculum development, and equipment acquisition.

 GRANTFORWARD   WMU subscribes to this database. More explanation on using GrantForward.

Research program officers in Western Michigan University’s Office of the Vice President for Research are always on the lookout for interesting grants. Each month, they hand-pick several upcoming funding opportunities and highlight them. When funding agencies place limits on the number of letters of intent, proposals or applications that any single university may submit in response to an announcement. Current limited submission opportunities are listed.

Highlighted funding          LIMITED SUBMISSIONS

Funding for WMU faculty and staff members

Faculty funding

Funding for WMU student researchers

Student funding