Support for Faculty Scholars Award

The Support for Faculty Scholars Award exists to advance the research mission of Western Michigan University. The SFSA supports research and creative activities that may not lead to external funding but that enhance and sustain the scholarly reputation of WMU and the faculty principal investigator.  

Complete and submit an application online at Log in with a Bronco NetID and password.

For the 2024-2025 academic year, the maximum award amount is $2,000. Applications are due in InfoReady by November 30, 2024. 

  • Guidelines

    The name of the program is the Support for Faculty Scholars Award—SFSA. The purpose of the SFSA is to advance the research mission of the University. The fund supports research and creative activities that may not lead to external funding but that enhance the scholarly reputation of WMU and the faculty principal investigator. In addition, these funds are given to support:

    • Faculty in the organizational phases of establishing their research and creative activity project.
    • Faculty entering new areas of research or creative activity.
    • Dissemination of original scholarship or work and/or engagement in professional collaborations associated with such work.

    The Research Policies Council oversees administration of the program and establishes operational procedures regarding application, review, scoring, determination of eligibility, and award processes. The RPC also evaluates all final reports from awardees and assesses the outcomes of the program.

    Application procedures

    Apply online at Log in with a Bronco NetID and password.

    All proposals shall be written for a non-specialist audience.

    Award conditions

    1. Awards are for one year; March 1st through February 28/29th.
    2. The maximum amount of an SFSA is $2,000. Award funds must be used within the one-year project period; they cannot be carried forward beyond the award termination date.
    3. Within 60 days of the end of the award year, the PI must submit a report describing the outcomes of the project, including a listing of any papers, presentations and creative works. The Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) will provide the RPC with an annual report on scholarly activity resulting from the SFSA program.
    4. Awardees cannot draw on Faculty Research and Creative Activity Award and SFSA funds simultaneously. Proposals for consecutive awards (i.e., FRACAA then SFSA or SFSA then FRACAA) must disclose the existing award and include a rationale for the connection if one exists.


    Individuals or groups of individuals eligible for awards are restricted to all those holding board‐appointed faculty rank who are members of the bargaining unit at the time the SFSA proposals are due and who submitted a satisfactory final report for any previous SFSA or FRACAA award.

    • An applicant whose appointment at WMU terminates prior to or during the year of award implementation may submit an application, but shall not receive an award until he/she has an appointment at WMU covering the year of implementation.
    • Previous SFSA awardees are eligible every second year following the latest award.
    • No SFSA Screening Committee member is eligible to submit a proposal while serving as a member of the committee.


    • SFSA funds may not be used for salary purposes.
    • The SFSA program does not fund projects solely for student research and creative activities.
    • SFSA funds may not be used for student tuition, fees or travel.
    • SFSA funds may not be used to support conference travel. Travel for the presentation of faculty research results is funded through the Faculty Research Travel Fund.
    • Faculty may not use SFSA funds for the purpose of completing graduate study or professional training.


    The proposed budget may not exceed $2,000 regardless of the number of collaborators. A proposed budget greater than the allowed maximum amount of $2,000 will disqualify the proposal. Such a proposal will not be reviewed.

    A detailed budget must be included within the application. Proposed budget items must include a justification for the expense. The SFSA Screening Committee shall have the option of line‐item veto regarding the proposed budget.

    Organizational structure

    The structure for the process of announcing and reviewing proposals includes the following:

    1. SFSA program coordinator (ORI staff member)—The Vice President for Research and Innovation shall designate one professional staff person from ORI to serve as SFSA program coordinator. The program coordinator shall assist in the determination of eligibility and administer all award activity (including program announcements, correspondence, record keeping, and preparation of the final report) regarding the program. The program coordinator shall attend screening committee meetings in a staff support capacity.
    2. SFSA Screening Committee—The SFSA Screening Committee will consist of a subcommittee of the Research Policies Council and will have representation from each of the following colleges: Arts and Sciences, Aviation, Haworth College of Business, Education and Human Development, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Health and Human Services and Fine Arts. The subcommittee reports to the chair of the RPC. The responsibilities of the SFSA Screening Committee include:
      • Electing a subcommittee chair to coordinate the subcommittee’s activities and communication.
      • Reviewing proposals to determine merit and contribution to scholarship of WMU and the principal investigator.
      • Ranking proposals for funding.
      • Based upon the pool of funds available, recommending proposals for funding.
      • Orientation for the SFSA Screening Committee, as well as for interested faculty at large, shall be provided by the program coordinator, the chair of the RPC and by ORI.

    The SFSA Screening Committee chair will function as coordinator of the committee’s work, assuring that the committee is working according to the guidelines and timelines. Additionally, the committee chair is responsible for other routine administrative duties, such as communication with faculty applicants on behalf of the committee and convening the SFSA Screening Committee for orientation by the Vice President for Research and Innovation.

  • Proposal processing

    Procedure for proposal review

    1. The program coordinator and SFSA Screening Committee chair shall review proposals to determine that the applicants meet all eligibility criteria.
    2. Members of the SFSA Screening Committee will collectively review all proposals and act as a committee of the whole in recommending proposals for funding.
    3. Applications not funded will receive a letter of declination and a copy of the scoring form prepared by the screening committee.

    Criteria for evaluating proposals

    SFSA funds are awarded solely on the basis of proposal merit. The following criteria will be used:

    • The proposal provides an adequate description of the project from which to judge its merit;
    • The proposal adequately describes how this work will make a significant contribution to the discipline;
    • The proposal adequately describes how this work will make an original contribution to the discipline;
    • The proposal adequately describes how the dissemination of the project findings, results or products will occur in a timely manner, individually or as part of a larger project;
    • The proposal adequately describes how this work will enhance the reputation of the faculty member(s) and WMU;
    • The proposed budget is clearly itemized and justified, demonstrating that it is reasonable and adequate in relation to the proposed work.

    Scoring of proposals

    Each member of the SFSA Screening Committee will receive a copy of all of the proposals and be randomly assigned proposals to review. Committee members will submit descriptive comments and scores for each reviewed proposal.

    Based upon scores and the recommendation for funding from the Screening Committee, the proposals will be rank ordered. Screening Committee members will have the opportunity to discuss their reviewed proposals for funding. Along with notification of award or declination, each applicant will receive comments and scores from each reviewer.

    The SFSA Screening Committee will use the following scale in the review of each proposal:

    • 1 = Poor
    • 2 = Fair
    • 3 = Good
    • 4 = Very Good
    • 5 = Excellent

    Appeals procedure on eligibility criteria and restrictions

    •  Applicants may not appeal a decision based on the substance of a proposal. All applicants will receive comments and scores from each reviewer and are encouraged to utilize this information to revise and resubmit the proposal in a subsequent competition.
    • Applicants may appeal determinations based on the eligibility criteria or restrictions.
      • Appeals on eligibility criteria—If the applicant receives notice stating that he/she has been found ineligible for funding and believes that the basis for the determination of the ineligibility as described in the letter is incorrect, he/she may contact the Office of Research and Innovation to arrange a meeting to discuss the matter. The program coordinator and screening committee chairperson shall attend the meeting. If the applicant is found to be eligible, the proposal will be sent to the SFSA Screening Committee and considered for funding. Appeals should be made promptly so that the committee can receive the now‐eligible proposal when it receives all other proposals.
      • Appeals on the restrictions—If the applicant receives notice stating that his/her proposal has been found to violate a restriction and believes that the basis for this determination as described in the letter is incorrect, he/she may contact the Office of Research and Innovation to arrange a meeting to discuss the matter. If the proposal is found to have not violated a restriction, the proposal will be returned to the SFSA Screening Committee and considered for funding.
  • Post‐review and monitoring procedures

    SFSA awardees are required to submit a Final Report Form within 60 days of the end of their award year.

    The evaluation phase of the SFSA program shall receive priority attention. The program coordinator shall carefully review each final project report. Materials related to proposals shall be kept in the research office for a suitable period of time, no longer than three years.

  • Contact

Past SFSA Awardees

  • 2024 Awardees


    Jaclyn Brickman

    Frostic School of Art


    Cossettes: Immersive Sugar Beet Research

    Colin Cork

    Human Performance and Health Education


    Best Practices and Practical Implications of Sample Recruitment through Online Crowdsourcing

    Martha Councell-Vargas



    Flute Flight: A short film illustrating the performance of flute works by historically under-represented composers

    Chien-Juh Gu



    Depression Diagnosis and Treatment in Taiwan: A Pilot Study

    Melinda Holohan

    Family and Consumer Sciences


    Screen-Aware Early Childhood: Priorities, Practices, and Partnerships

    Pavel Ikonomov

    Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Management Systems


    AI based optimization of metal 3D printing process using ultrasonic and laser sensors

    Daniel Macfarlane

    Environment, Geography, and Sustainability


    The Environmental History and Ecopolitics of Lake Michigan


    Rika Saito

    World Literatures and Languages


    Waka Yamada (1879-1957) and Early Twentieth Century Feminism: Biographical Monographs in English and Japanese

    Chen Wang



    The Optimal Combination for Remote Workers: A Fuzzy Set Analysis Study

    Li Yang

    Environment, Geography, and Sustainability



    Heritage Tourism in Historic Towns: Development Issues and Planning Opportunities

    Yingying Zhang




    On model-based clustering of multivariate categorical sequences

  • 2023 Awardees


    Melis Agabigum

    Frostic School of Art


    Combining Digital Fabrication and 3D printing with Textile Techniques in Enameled Contemporary Jewelry

    Mauro Andre

    Human Performance and Health Education


    Physical Education majors perceptions on student-centered teaching

    Lin Foulk Baird



    A Recording Project of Works for Horn and Piano by Female Composers for Younger Players

    Christopher Biggs



    Development of Live, Interactive Electronic Music Performance System

    Regina Garza Mitchell

    Educational Leadership, Research, & Technology


    Community College Trustees: Mission, Values, and Decision-Making in Uncertain Times

    Jinseok Kim

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


    Obtaining Macro Properties from Micromechanical Properties

    Beixi Li

    Educational Leadership, Research, & Technology


    The transformative learning of completing a qualitative dissertation during the pandemic: A collage inquiry


    Viva Nsair



    Walking a tight rope of trust: How gender bias influences promotion perceptions and sponsorship behavior in the workplace

    Brenda Srof

    Bronson School of Nursing


    Nurses' Lived Experience of Peacebuilding

    Kyle Triplett

    Frostic School of Art



    Low-Fire Porcelain Specific 3D Printing Machine and Operating System

  • 2022 Awardees


    Headshot of Cat Crotchett

    Cat Crotchett

    Frostic School of Art


    Golden Foundation for the 

    Arts Residency

    Headshot of Angela Groves

    Angela Groves



    A hypertension feasibility study

    for African American women

    Headshot of Daniel Macfarlane

    Daniel Macfarlane

    Environment and Sustainability


    The Lowest Great Lake: An Environmental

    History of Lake Ontario

    Headshot of  Tabitha Mingus

    Tabitha Mingus



    Using Student Feedback to Improve the

    Value of Desmos Activities for Students

    Headshot of Maria Roche-Dean

    Maria Roche-Dean



    Recruiting Racial and Ethnic Minority Nurses

    for Stress Research Measured via Hair

    Cortisol Concentration

    Headshot of Gail Rouscher

    Gail Rouscher



    Student learning in laboratory setting: Does

    the outcome change with the mode of 

    viewing medium?

    Headshot of Eli Rubin

    Eli Rubin



    Arc of Destruction: War and Urban Space in

    Germany 1937-1945 --Chapter Four "An

    Everyday Life and Spatial History of the

    Taking of Berlin"

     Headshot of Chen Wang

    Chen Wang



    What does it mean to be authentic in 

    the workplace? 

  • 2021 Awardees


    Headshot of Elissa Allen

    Elissa Allen



    Relationships Among Job Stress, 

    Bathroom Behaviors, and Lower

    Urinary Tract Symptoms in Nurses During

    COVID-19 Pandemic

    Headshot of Jessica Gladden

    Jessica Gladden

    Social Work


    How can yoga and yoga-based therapy

    by accessibly to people of color? A

    qualitative study of the perspectives

    of black, brown, and indigenous yoga

    instructors and yoga-based therapists

    Headshot of Sally Hadden

    Sally Hadden



    Bernard Bailyn's "Thomas Hutchison" and 

    Biographical Writing

    Headshot of Geumacha Hwang

    Geumachan Hwang

    Human Performance and Health Education


    Examining the effectiveness of image

    repair strategies on restoring university

    reputation tarnished by scandals in 

    college sports

    Headshot of John Jellies

    John Jellies

    Biological Sciences


    Re-establishment of a laboratory breeding

    colony of European medicinal leeches as 

    a model system in support of graduate

    and undergraduate research in sensory

    system neurobiology

    Headshot of Shannon McMorrow

    Shannon McMorrow

    Interdisciplinary Health Programs


    Photovoice Examination of Health and

    Stress Experiences for International and

    BIPOC Women Students during 2020-2021

    Headshot of Lei Ming

    Lei Ming

    Geography, Environment, and Tourism


    Effects of human-induced land use/land

    cover changes on the East Asian 

    summer monsoon

     Headshot of Kelsey Paschich

    Kelsey Paschich



    Found in Translation

    Headshot of Cybelle Shattuck

    Cybelle Shattuck

    Institute of the Environment and

    Sustainability and Comparative Religion


    Environmental Justice and Neighborhood

    Air quality in Kalamazoo

    Headshot of Ann Veeck

    Ann Veeck



    Enduring Effects of COVID-19 on Food 

    Consumption Patterns in China


  • Spring 2020 Awardees


    Headshot of Bryan Abendschein

    Bryan Abendschein



    The Influence of Zoomorphic Robots on

    Stress and Well-Being in Post-Traumatic

    Brain Injury Relationships

    Headshot of Martha Councell-Vargas

    Martha Councell-Vargas



    Flute of Three Fires: Native American Flute

    Traditions of Southwest Michigan and 

    the Great Lakes Region

    Headshot of Hope Gerlach

    Hope Gerlach

    Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences


    Concealment of Stuttering and the 

    "Divided Self"

    Headshot of Chien-Juh Gu

    Chien-Juh Gu



    Rohingya Refugees' Social Adaptation 

    in Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Headshot of Britt Hartenberger

    Britt Hartenberger

    Intercultural and Anthropological Studies


    Microdebris Analysis of a Classical 

    Household at Ancient Olynthos, Greece

    Headshot of Andre Venter

    Andre Venter



    Quantitation of bittering compounds in

    hops and beer

    Headshot of Patrick Wilson

    Patrick Wilson

    Frostic School of Art


    Solo Exhibition - Black Tent Transit

  • Fall 2019 Awardees


    Headshot of Robert Berkhofer

    Robert Berkhofer



    Uses of Evidence in Eadmer's 

    Historia novorum

    Headshot of Gary Bischof

    Gary Bischof

    Counselor Education & Counseling 



    Mental Health and Wellness for

    College Students of Color

    Headshot of Alamgir Choudhury

    Alamgir Choudhury

    Engineering Design


    Parameter characterization for pump

    efficiency in a hydraulic system

    Headshot of Cat Crotchett

    Cat Crotchett

    Frostic School of Art


    Abstract Pattern Relief Juxtapositions

    in Wax

    Headshot of Jon Davis

    Jon Davis



    Understanding the Construction and 

    Enactment of Technology-Based

    Mathematics Lessons Involving

    High Cognitive Demand Tasks

    Headshot of Jaqueline Eng

    Jaqueline Eng

    Biological Sciences


    Skeletal and 3D geometric and

    morphometric analysis of human

    vertebral trauma: characterizing

    traumata and identifying 

    demographic patterns

    Headshot of Kristina Lemmer

    Kristina Lemmer

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


    Measuring electron density and

    temperature in nanosecond pulsed

    plasma gap discharges

    Headshot of Kelley Pattison

    Kelley Pattison

    Bronson School of Nursing


    Assessing Caregiver Burden in Heart

    Failure Patients Who Are Caregivers of

    Family Members

    Headshot of Kyle Triplett

    Kyle Triplett

    Frostic School of Art


    Low-Fire Porcelain for 3D Printing


    Headshot of Li Yang

    Li Yang



    Heritage Tourism in Historic Towns:

    Development Issues and Planning


  • Spring 2019 Awardees


    Headshot of Edward Brooks Applegate

    Edward Brooks Applegate

    Education Leadership, Research

    and Technology


    Influence of Pedagogy on Student

    Learning in Physician Assistant

    Training: A Follow-Up Study

    Headshot of Amy Bocko

    Amy Bocko

    University Libraries


    Dr. Merze Tate Howard University

    Archival Research Trip & Digital

    Reunification Project

    Headshot of Sharon Gill

    Sharon Gill

    Biological Sciences


    Merging historical and contemporary

    landscape photography and 

    soundscape recordings to explore

    land transformation

    Headshot of Yvonne Jackson

    Yvonne Jackson

    Physical Therapy


    Pre-Post Assessment of Cerebral

    Palsy Intensive Physical Therapy


    Headshot of Mahendra Lawoti

    Mahendra Lawoti

    Political Science


    Security Dilemma and Non-violent

    Ethnic Conflict


    Michelle Machicek



    Characterizing Biological Impacts

    of Human Activity Patterns through

    3D Scanning Technology: considering

    the effects of horseback riding on

    pelvic morphology

    Headshot of Michael Nassaney

    Michael Nassaney



    Fort St. Joseph Revealed: 

    Final Preparations

    Headshot of Leah Omilion-Hodges

    Leah Omilion-Hodges



    Leadership, Communication, and 

    Transdisciplinary Teams in

    Palliative Care

    Headshot of Alisa Perkins

    Alisa Perkins

    Comparative Religion


    Muslims in Metro Detroit: Gender

    and Religious Boundaries in Urban


    Headshot of Ya Zhang

    Ya Zhang

    Education Leadership, Research,

    and Technology


    Predictive value of TOEFL scores

    on students academic success

  • Past Years

    FALL 2018 SFSA

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Burns, JimIndustrial & Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering ManagementDevelopment and Validation of an Optimization Formulation for Resilient Supply Chains
    Councell-Vargas, MarthaMusicCharanga: Improvisation in American Jazz and Cuban Dance Music
    Hansford, ClaudiaMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringTurbulence Assessment in Internal Combustion Engines
    Hennlich, AndrewArtSpace Invaders: the Work of Art in an Age of Statelessness
    Torres, BenjaminSpanishPublication of La novela detectivesca en Puerto Rico
    Yang, QiangChemical & Paper EngineeringHigh-Yield Production of Cellulose Nanofiber
    Zhu, LaiyinGeographyAnalyzing power outages in hurricanes using remote sensing

    SPRING 2018 SFSA

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Angles, JeffreyWorld Languages and LiteraturesInagaki Taruho, Japanese Modernist
    Beasley, SamuelCounselor Education and Counseling PsychologyA Qualitative Examination of Men in Professional Psychology
    Caulfield, SusanSchool of Interdisciplinary Health ProgramImproving Writing: What Can We Learn From the Student Perspective?
    Chin, ChristinaFrostic School of ArtScreenprinting onto Encaustics Art Workshop
    Connors, ElyseBlindness and Low Vision StudiesUse of Secondary Data and GIS to Examine Low Vision Resources in the State of Michigan
    Devanga, SumaSpeech, Language, and Hearing SciencesCollaborative Referencing: A Speech-Language Intervention for Aphasia
    Gogan, BrianEnglishA Frame Analysis of Campus Civic Action Plans
    Ikonomov, PavelEngineering Design, Manufacturing and Management Systems3D Hybrid Metal Printer Sample Product Testing
    Ohanna, NatalioSpanishWitches and Shipwrecks: the Algiers Expedition (1541) and the Mystification of a Military Disaster
    Running-Johnson, CynthiaWorld Languages and LiteraturesContemporary French Theatre
    Zarate-Sandez, GermanSpanishA longitudinal study of second language pronunciation development in two learning contexts


    NameDepartmentProject title
    J. Kevin CorderPolitical ScienceHow the Nixon White House Engaged Women Voters
    David CurwenDanceFalling Table
    Ramakrishna GudaChemistrySynthesis, Characterization and Ultrafast Exciton Dynamics of Water Soluble Methylammonium Lead-halide Perovskite Nanostructures
    Dwandra LampkinTheatreThe Conviction of Lady Lorraine
    Gwendolynn RoseSchool of MusicHistorical Performance: Baroque Bassoon and Dulcian
    Tiffany SchrieverBiological Sciences/Institute of the Environment and SustainabilityDeveloping an Index of Biological Integrity for Interdunal Wetlands
    Yuanliang SunFrostic School of ArtCulture, Environment, and Technology: A Multidisciplinary Design Exploration
    Bruce UchimuraSchool of MusicMerling Trio Creation of New Bach-based Jazz Work for Presentation at Bach Festival of Kalamazoo
    Inna VoytsekhivskaAccountancyRegulatory Enforcement and Off-Balance Sheet Entities: Evidence from the "Shadow Insurance" Market
    Qingliu WuChemical and Paper EngineeringNanocellulose Reinforced Membrane for High Energy, High Safety and Low Cost Lithium-Ion Battery


    NameDepartmentProject title
    Luigi BertoHistoryReligion and Politics in Early Medieval Naples (8th-9th Centuries)
    Cat CrotchettFrostic School of Art       Pattern and Dimension
    Regina Garza Mitchell      Educational Leadership, Research and TechnologyFeminist Critical Discourse Analysis of Presidential Job Postings in the Chronicle of Higher Education
    Lori GraySchool of Interdisciplinary Health ProgramsExploring the Impact and Lasting Outcomes of Mindfulness Training for College Student Populations
    James HillenbrandSpeech, Language and Hearing SciencesSoftware Simulation of a New Model of Auditory Frequency Analysis
    James KiddleChemistryBiomimetic Synthesis of 3-Substituted Pyridines
    Kelley PattisonBronson School of NursingAssessing Caregiver Burden in Heart Failure Patients Who Are Caregivers of Family Members
    Kapseong RoMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringUnderstanding Structural Property Effect of Aerial Refueling Hose
    Viviane RuellotWorld Languages and LiteraturesFrench Stereotypical Accent and Pronunciation Learning
    Mary SimpsonFamily and Consumer SciencesThe Effect Team Learning has on the Development of Creativity in a College Classroom
    Mary-Louise TottonFrostic School of ArtPattern and Color: Influences and Innovations from the Textile Arts of Asia Pacific
    Andre VenterChemistryAddressing Inefficient Ionization during Mass Spectrometric Analyses of Complex Mixtures


    NameDepartmentProject title
    Daniel MacfarlaneInstitute of the environment and SustainabilityThe Power of Niagara Falls: Hydro-Electricity, Beauty and the Manipulation of a Border Waterscape
    Carolyn PavlikDanceManson Revealed - A Site Dance Film
    R.V. KrishnamurthyGeosciencesAre Unusual Isotopic Effects Produced in Precipitation a Byproduct of Unusual Atmospheric Processes?
    Amy WagenfeldOccupational TherapyEvaluating the Redesign of the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women's Outdoor Spaces
    Matthew RossFinance and Commercial LawBBA Quantitative Skills: Doubling the Data
    Christopher BiggsSchool of MusicLetter to the Moon Recording Project for CD Release
    Andrew HennlichFrostic School of ArtVisualizing the Camps: Architecture and Migration
    Lofton DurhamTheatreDemonstration Productions of Middle Dutch Drama
    Nicholas HansonHuman Performance and Health EducationEffect of Caffeine on 10km Running Performance in the Heat


    NameDepartmentProject title
    Wendy BeaneBiological SciencesComparative Analysis of Tissue Remodeling During Planarian Regeneration
    Jeremy BlairDanceSidra Bell Dance New York Winter Module Choreographic Workshop
    Lori BrownFlight ScienceThe Use of Augmented Reality in Technology Driven Training
    Heather DichterHuman Performance and Health EducationBidding for the 1968 Olympic Games: International Sport's Cold War Battle with NATO
    Elena GapovaSociologyNational Activist Communities in Post-Socialist Belarus in Cyberspace and Beyond
    Cindy LinnBiological SciencesActivation of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors Leads to Proliferation of Adult Mammalian Retinal Neurons
    Nichole MauryFrostic School of ArtThe Archive Project
    Carson ReelingEconomics, Environmental and Sustainability Studies ProgramValuing Natural Resources Allocated by Preference Point Lottery
    Silvia RoedererSchool of MusicInternational Connections 2: CD of New Works Written for the Verdehr
    Daniela SchroeterSchool of Public Affairs and AdministrationEvaluation Competencies in Public Administration
    Jesse M. SmithSociologySelf, Narrative, and Congregation: Worship Services at the LDS Church
    Michelle SuarezOccupational TherapyPhenomenological Examination of the Experience of Mothering from the Perspective of New Mother's in an Opioid Recovery Program


    NameDepartmentProject title
    Ann MilesSociologyChronicling Illness Over the Life Course
    Edward HarknessFrostic School of ArtBronze Cast Orbs
    Karen VockeEnglishNarratives of Women Migrant Farm Workers in West Michigan
    Laurel OfsteinManagementGrowing the Michigan Hopyard to Table Movement
    Patrick CundiffSociologyErasing the Mark of a Criminal Record: The Impact of Education on Ex-Offender Employment
    Stephanie BurnsCounselor Education and Counseling PsychologyCounselor Educators' Perceptions of Boundary Crossings with Students
    Michael FamianoPhysicsFinding the Nuclear Equation-of-State Using Stellar Elemental Abundances
    Kathryn DochertyBiological SciencesLong Term Response of Microbial Communities to Multiple Climate Change Factors
    Sue Ellen ChristianSchool of CommunicationA User's Guide to Everyday Media Literacy
    Jocelyn SteinkeSchool of CommunicationCultural Representations of Gender and Science: Portrayals of STEM Professionals in Popular Films 2002-2014
    Amy DamashekClinical PsychologyEvaluation of a Computer-Based Depression Treatment for Pregnant and Postpartum Women
    Mariana LevinMathematicsCharacterizing Instructional Approaches to Facilitating the Transition to Proof in Mathematics: A Pilot Study
    Alamgir ChoudhuryEngineering Design, Manufacturing and Management SystemsEffect of Operating Parameters on Energy Efficiency Of A Hydraulic System


    NameDepartmentProject title
    Sally HaddenHistoryLoyalist Lawyers of Revolutionary America
    Robin CriterSpeech Pathology and AudiologyEvaluation of a Fall Risk Screening Protocol for Use in Audiology Hearing Clinics
    Jon D. DavisMathematicsFactors Influencing Prospective Secondary Teachers' Use of Technology
    Laurel OfsteinManagementGrowing the Michigan Hopyard to Table Movement
    Chien-Juh GuSociologyFrom Religious Minority to Racial Minority: Burmese Refugees in Battle Creek, MI
    Stephen MalcolmBiological SciencesComparison of Chemical Defenses in Three Species of Monarch Butterfly
    Joyashish ThakurtaGeosciencesField and Petrological Investigation of the Penokean Volcanic Belt in Northern Wisconsin
    Matthew HogeSpecial Education and Literacy StudiesBehavior Specific Praise: Influencing Teacher Fidelity of Implementation with Non-Compliant Student Behavior
    David HuffmanChemistryProbing the Requirement for Copper in the Malarial Parasite
    Michael NassaneyAnthropologyThe Archaeology of the North American Fur Trade: Final Preparations
    Gellert MezeiChemistryGreen, High-Yield Method for the Protection of Heterocyclic Amino, Hydroxyl and Thiol Groups
    Megan SlayterDanceDancestry
    Patricia Villalobos EcheverriaFrostic School of ArtMarea
    Luigi Andrea BertoHistoryLiving in the West with the Mind in the East: Careers and Naming Practices of Venetians with Greek Names During the Early Middle Ages
    Claudia HansfordMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringHeat Transfer Investigations in Undersized Flow Pipes

    SEPTEMBER 2014

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Kelly Ackerson and Sally VliemBronson School of NursingA grounded Theory Approach To Understanding Parents Decision Not To Vaccinate Their Children
    Bruce BejcekBiological sciencesHerpes Simplex Sequences in Cancer of the Cervix Cell Culture Lines
    Lisa CoonsSchool of MusicPercussion Sculpture and Composition for Coalescence Percussion Duo
    Jim HopfenspergerFrostic School of ArtProduction of Handmade Furniture Designs
    Kristina LemmerMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringIn Situ Erosion of Hall Thrusters
    Alisa PerkinsComparative ReligionMulti-racial and Interfaith Expressions of Islam in Metro Detroit
    Maria ProtacioSpecial Education and Literacy StudiesDevelopment and Validation of a Reading Motivation Scale for English Language Learners (ELLs)
    Cynthia PietrasPsychologyDisinhibitory Effects of Alcohol on Human Behavior
    Michael RyanEconomicsJapanese Earthquakes and United States Regional Economic Growth

    JANUARY 2014

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Dr. Peter BlickleWorld Languages and LiteraturesResearch for Novel
    Professor Karen BondarchukFrostic School of ArtKith and Kin Catalogue
    Dr. Linda BorishHistoryCharles Ornstein, the National Jewish Welfare Board, and American Jewish Sportswomen in the Boycott of the 1936 Summer Olympics
    Dr. Janet CoryellHistoryStanding By: The Women of Ripcord
    Dr. Susan HoffmannPolitical ScienceHousing Finance Reform in the U.S.: Acquisition of Proprietary Data
    Dr. James KiddleChemistryUnexpected Reaction of N-heterocyclic Carbenes in Water
    Dr. Jennifer MachiorlattiSchool of CommunicationPeace During War - Documentary Short Film
    Professor Nichole MauryFrostic School of ArtFine Art Publication for Printmaking
    Dr. Lei MengGeographyExamining the Relationship Between Soil Moisture and Precipitation in CMIP5 Simulations
    Dr. Elke SchoffersChemistryNovel Receptor Agonists in Medicinal Chemistry
    Dr. Jesse SmithSociologyThe Church of Unbelief: Understanding the Interactional Basis of America's Non-Believer's
    Dr. Susan SteuerUniversity LibrariesA Step Toward Grace: Widows and Religious Life in Late Medieval Your (1300-1536)
    Dr. Brian TrippBiological SciencesInvestigation of C-Terminal Core Flagellin Residues on Export and Assembly of Flagella
    Dr. Kristina WirtzAnthropologyEthnographic Research in Cuba on Shifting Moral Narratives in a Time of Reform

    SEPTEMBER 2013

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Dr. Abiola AkanmuCivil and Construction EngineeringA Sustainable Approach to Building Design
    Dr. Jeffrey AnglesWorld Languages and LiteraturesOrikuchi shinobu and The Book of the Dead
    Dr. Wendy Scott BeaneBiological SciencesEstablishing Planaria as a Model for Whole Eye Regeneration
    Dr. Kathryn DochertyBiological SciencesBelow ground Effects of Fire as a Restoration Tool in Michigan Tallgrass Prairies
    Dr. Jacqueline EngAnthropologyBioarchaeological Study of Gender-Related Activity Among Ancient Populations of China
    Dr. Angel Gullon-RiveraFamily and Consumer SciencesEvaluating the Effectiveness of Storytelling with Children with Behavioral and Emotional Challenges
    Dr. James HillenbrandSpeech Pathology and AudiologySoftware for Experiment Design and Control
    Dr. Denise KeelePolitical Science and Environmental StudiesEnvironmental Litigation: Understanding Judicial Review of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    Dr. Jessica KerstingSpeech Pathology and AudiologyDescribing Mismatches in Reading Comprehension Performance Predicted By the Simple View of Reading Model
    Dr. Sherine O bareChemistryCatalyst Development for the Photocatalytic Conversions of Biomass into Commodity Chemicals

    JANUARY 2013

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Dr. Julie ApkerCommunicationQualitative study of handoff communication between emergency physicians and hospitalist in academic and community hospitals
    Dr. Luigi Andrea BertoHistoryBetween dangerous enemies and ineffective Christian lords: "The History of the Beneventan Lombards" and the crisis of ninth-century southern Lombardy
    Dr. Alexander CannonMusicTime and transformation in Southern Vietnamese traditional music
    Professor Cat CrotchettFrostic School of ArtEncaustic Painting and Silkscreen
    Dr. Lin FoulkMusicDeveloping classical music improvisation
    Dr. Sharon GarberDanceBallet pedagogy techniques of the 21st century: Paris opera and royal ballet
    Dr. Marion GrayHistoryIdentities, borders and ecologies: change over time in rural Brandenburg and metropolitan Berlin
    Dr. Andrew HennlichFrostic School of ArtScattered histories: diaspora, nation and memory in the work of William Kentridge
    Dr. Mary LagerwaySchool of NursingProfessional women and popularization of eugenics in the United States
    Dr. Mahendra LawotiPolitical ScienceInclusive institutional reforms: multiple actors and complex processes in Nepal
    Dr. William SauckGeosciencesGeophysics to aid and archeological investigation' Gotland, Sweden
    Dr. Joyashish ThakurtaGeosciencesExamination and sampling of exploratory drill cores from the upper peninsula area of Michigan
    Dr. Kristina WirtzAnthropologyLearning to be bilingual in a dual language elementary school

    SEPTEMBER 2012

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Dr. Carla Adkinson-BradleyCounselor Education and Counseling PsychologyPerceived severity of parent discipline practices: a study of professional counselors
    Dr. Steve BertmanChemistryMPAN and atmospheric aerosols
    Dr. Jennifer FosterCounselor Education and Counseling PsychologyThe world of sexually abused boys: a thematic analysis of trauma narratives
    Professor Caroline GoreFrostic School of ArtTechnical and material explorations: stone & precious metal alloys
    Professor Jim HopfenspergerFrostic School of ArtThe significance of making by hand
    Dr. Mark HurwitzPolitical ScienceJudicial diversity: courting political minorities in America's federal and state courts
    Dr. Ramona LewisEducational Leadership, Research and TechnologyExperiences of African American older adult learners
    Dr. Gellert MezeiChemistryAnion-encapsulating nanojars for selective anion extraction and environmental remediation
    Dr. Michael NassaneyAnthropologyThe archaeology of the North American Fur trade
    Professor Giner OwenFrostic School of ArtModernizing uses for collodion wet plate as a means of displacing the digital void
    Dr. Eli RubinHistoryArc of destruction: urban space, memory and war in Germany, 1937-1945
    Dr. Benjamin TorresSpanish"Iconografia: lo visual en la obra de Edgardo Rodrigues Julia"
    Dr. Ruth ZielinskiNursingLiving and working at Oasis Hospital: recollections of missionary nurses

    JANUARY 2012

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Dr. Robert AnemoneAnthropologyField testing a predictive model for locating productive fossil localities
    Dr. Andrzej DudekMathematicsHamiltonicity of random hypergraphs
    Dr. Dan FarrellManagementLearning from whistleblowing
    Dr. Stacey FitzsimmonsManagementRoles that multicultural employees play in organizations: individual and contextual antecedents
    Professor Kirsten HarveyDanceDancing faces: teaching the technique of emotion
    Dr. Sarah HillAnthropologyRent and recycling in Cuba: how not owning leads to not using things up
    Dr. Yvette HyterSpeech Pathology and AudiologyAssessment of pragmatic language
    Dr. John JelliesBiological SciencesPeptide disruption of a peripheral neural oscillator
    Dr. Mariam KonateGender and Women's StudiesFatherlessness and African American female college students: a phenomenological study of their dating experiences
    Dr. Joyce KubiskiFrostic School of ArtPisanello and John Palaeologus VIII: Details of dress and the eastern other
    Dr. Kelley O'ReillyMarketingHow young consumers assess online word-of-mouth (WOM) credibility
    Dr. Ann VeeckMarketingFood safety, trust and responsibility in urban China
    Dr. Maarten VonhofBiological SciencesPatters of population connectivity and gene flow in a neotropical bat

    SEPTEMBER 2011

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Dr. Kevin CorderPolitical ScienceBank regulation after the financial crisis
    Dr. Jessica FriederPsychologyEffects of Varied response methods in class activity and reviews on student performance and preference
    Dr. Chien-Juh GuSociologyMiddle-class immigrant housewives: An exploratory study of self-concepts in life transitions
    Dr. Peter GustafsonMechanical EngineeringPrototype surgical screwdriver
    Dr Yan LuBiological SciencesNovel transcriptional regulation of biosynthesis of aspartate-derived amino acids
    Dr. Edwin MartiniHistoryNapalm: More than a weapon
    Dr. Lewis PyensonHistoryNatural history illustration in 19th century Argentina
    Dr. Eve SalisburyEnglishDisseminating Gower: Newberry MS33.5 and the Gower Project
    Dr. Thomas ScannellManagementSuccessful small business growth supported by supply chain management best practices
    Dr. Susan SteuerSpecial Collections and Rare BooksTraveling Libraries for prisoners in World War I work detachments
    Professor Yuanliang SunFrostic School of ArtThe Bridge
    Dr. Gwen TarboxEnglishGender and identification in Franco-Belgian YA graphic narratives
    Dr. Marc WeedenSpecial EducationThe effects of TeachLive on the Acquisition of basic teaching skills in first year special education students: a preliminary investigation

    JANUARY 2011

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Dr. Massood AtashbarElectrical and Computer engineeringExperiments to demonstrate the Principles of Printed Accelerometer using sacrificial layer technology by employing inkjet and screen printing techniques
    Dr. Jody BrylinskyHealth Performance and Health EducationIdentifying Key Competencies in elite coaches
    Dr. Christine Byrd-JacobsBiological SciencesWestern Blot Analysis of changes in brain protein expression with damage to sensory input
    Dr. Martha Councell-VargasMusicLaFlauto Cubana: Defining the tradition and style of flute playing
    Professor Cat CrotchettFrostic School of ArtEncaustic-Batik paintings
    Professor David CurwenDanceBallet pedagogy exchange in the People's Republic of China
    Dr. Jon DavisMathematicsReasoning and proof within curricular resources
    Dr. Diane DiretteOccupational TherapyThe effectiveness of self-generated vs. taught compensatory strategies for memory and the role of learning styles
    Dr. Liang DongElectrical and Computer EngineeringRadio frequency energy harvesting for Microelectronics
    Dr. Claudia Fajardo-HansfordMechanical and Aeronautical engineeringDesign of an optical engine with combustion capability
    Professor Sharon GarberDanceBallet Pedagogy exchange in the Peoples' Republic of China
    Dr. Sandra GlistaSpeech Pathology and AudiologySupported and safe computer and internet use in individuals with Aphasia
    Dr. Pavel IkonomovIndustrial and Manufacturing EngineeringVirtual reality simulation system for nanomanufacturing
    Dr. Cynthia KlekarEnglishGender, benevolence, and legal discourse in Eighteenth-Century London's criminal courts
    Professor Tom KnificMusicDissemination and distribution of The Muse: A CD of original music
    Dr. Mahendra LawotiPolitical ScienceDemocracy in divided societies: exclusion/inclusion in South Asia
    Dr. Irma LopezSpanishConfluencias y demarcaciones: Generaciones literarias y expresiones esteticas en la novela mexicana, 1998-2008
    Professor Nichole MauryFrostic School of ArtInternational artist residency and exhibitions
    Dr. Timothy McGrewPhilosophyStudies in the history and philosophy of religions
    Dr. Matthew MingusSchool of Public Affairs and AdministrationThe Bridge to Somewhere: Why Now?
    Professor Judy MoonertMusicCoalescence Percussion Duo CD Recording Project
    Dr. James PalmitessaHistoryMaking the New Europe: Historical writing in the Czech lands from the 15th to 17th centuries
    Dr. Doris RavotasInterdisciplinary Health ServicesPatients' experience of an informed consent process for hospital procedures
    Dr. Elke SchoffersChemistryNovel sensors based on 1, 10 Phenanthroline
    Professor Megan SlayterDanceLa Mer, a reconstruction of Loie Fuller's The Sea

    SEPTEMBER 2010

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Dr. Ari-Gur, PninaMechanical and Aeronautical EngineeringInternational Research of Titania
    Dr. Auer, BlainComparative ReligionSymbols of Authority in Medieval Islam
    Professor Berkow, JayTheatreOrpheus in the Underworld
    Dr. Ellis, AnthonyEnglishAnother Side of Senescence
    Dr. Golhar, DamodarManagementAutomotive Parts Manufacturing in India
    Dr. Ohanna, NatalioSpanishBack From Beyond the Frontier
    Dr. Ro, KapseongMechanical and Aeronautical EngineeringDesign, Test and Evaluation of Refueling Drogue
    Dr. Haden, SallyHistoryAn English Lawyer in Colonial American

    JANUARY 2010

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Dr. Durham, LoftonTheatreRewriting the History of Medieval Theatre: Destruction de troie and Fifteenth Century Performance Culture
    Dr. Jones, StephenMusic, School ofWestern Brass Quintet Scores Research Project
    Dr. Mezei, GellertChemistryMetal-organic rotaxane frameworks: Towards organized solid-state molecular machinery assemblies
    Dr. Saito, RikaForeign LanguagesTo a New Woman from a New Man: Letters Overseas by the Japanese Feministic Couple in the 1920s
    Dr. Veeck, AnnMarketingPig Feasts in Rural China: Creating an Informal Economy through a Ritual Celebration

    SEPTEMBER 2009

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Dr. Berto, LuigiHistoryWriting History in Carolingian Italy (774-875)
    Dr. Bischof, GaryCounseling Education, Counseling PsychologyTransgender Persons & Partners: Couple and Sexual Relationships
    Professor Bondarchuk, KarenFrostic School of ArtCorvus Catalogue
    Professor Brown, LoriAviationThe Efficacy of Flight Attendant/Pilot Communication and Training Requirements in China
    Dr. Browning, ChristineMathematicsUnderstanding children's thinking of angle and angle measure
    Dr. Frias, LarissaFamily and Consumer ScienceAcculturation and Family Experiences of Filipino Immigrants in the U.S.
    Dr. Kohler, SteveBiological SciencesDistribution and Population Structure of a Keystone Parasite
    Dr. Shrestha, BadeMechanical and Aeronautical EngineeringJournal Page Fee Charges
    Dr. Straight, BilindaAnthropologyPreparing publications from current NSF and planning an NIH proposal with collaborators at University of Arizona and Grinnell College

    JANUARY 2009

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Dr. Ackerson, KellyNursingTrauma History and Cervical Cancer Screening
    Dr. Code, DavidMusic, School ofCreating a Laptop Orchestra
    Dr. Ellis, AnthonyEnglishShakespeare all italina: Dramatic Adaptation and Cultural Exchange
    Dr. Eng, JacquelineAnthropologyAncient Health in the Nomadic Pastoralists of Mongolia
    Dr. Ghantasala, MuralMechanical and Aeronautical EngineeringSynthesis and characterization of nanoparticle based composite colloids (gels)
    Dr. Ho, BirongLibraryVocabulary Control for the Web 2.0 Catalog
    Dr. Joslin, KatherineEnglishEdith Wharton and the making of Fashion
    Dr. Lagerwey, MaryNursingNursing Coverage of the 3rd Reich
    Dr. Mirzeler, MustafaEnglishAfrican Stories and Storytellers
    Dr. Nassaney, MichaelAnthropologyArchaeology and Community Service Learning: Preparing a Professional Index
    Dr. Torano, VinceFrostic School of ArtIdeal Beauty in Classical Painting

    SEPTEMBER 2008

    NameDepartmentProject title
    Dr. Biener, ZviPhilosophyNewtonian Mechanics and British Empiricism: Physics and Philosophy at the Edge of Enlightment
    Dr. Bliznyuk, ValeryPaper Coating and ImagingCollaborative Research in the Field of Nanoelectric Properties of Materials
    Professor Curwen, DavidDanceMy Name is David Lang
    Professor Gore, CarolineFrostic School of ArtTangential Memories
    Dr. Hallett, LuciusGeographyIt's too far to walk! I cannot get to my supermarket. The Geographies of Location in Lawrence, Kansas
    Dr. Lawoti, MahendraPolitical ScienceDemocracy, Insurgency, Autocracy and Political Reforms: The Exclusion/Inclusion Dimension in Nepal
    Dr. Rao, ShaliaSpecial Education and Literacy StudiesFrom Isolation to combination: A multilevel, multicomponent approach to developing literacy skills of students with cognitive impairments
    Dr. Ro, KapseongMechanical and Aeronautical EngineeringPrototype Development and Flight Test of a Free-wing Tilt-body Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
    Professor Slayter, MeganDanceThe Lily
    Dr. Susan SteuerLibraryRecreating a Cistercian Library: The Obrecht Collection at Western Michigan University