Publication of Papers and Exhibition of Creative Works

These funds support Western Michigan University faculty in the publication of their papers and exhibition of their creative works through recognized media. In this context, “final preparation and publication of papers and exhibition”—or PPP&E—means activities occurring after the research or creative activity has been completed. This fund is administered in accordance with the WMU-AAUP Contract (Article 34). Applications for each fiscal year are due within 31 days of the end of the fiscal year. Maximum reimbursement for 2022-23 is $2,000. 

Applications for PPP&E must be submitted via InfoReady 

  • Guidelines

    Purpose of the fund

    The purpose of these funds is to support the Final Preparation and Publication of Papers, and Exhibition of Creative Works through recognized media. This fund is administered in accordance with the WMU-AAUP Contract (Article 34).

    Examples of fundable activities and typical cost categories:

      • Publicity material development for the purpose of submitting or disseminating completed research or creative production, including but not limited to technical services for digital dissemination
      • Publicity and entry fees for exhibits or competitions
      • Transportation/shipping costs for final work to travel to an exhibition, including framing or other appropriate protective measures
      • Supplies and postage for dissemination
      • Costs for indexing and subvention charges for books
      • Printing of posters for presentation at conferences as long as the faculty member is an author
      • Publication, dissemination, or distribution costs of a paper, book, creative work, whether physical or digital in nature (including but not limited to printing, copying, pre- or re-prints, page charges or subvention fees)

    For all disciplines, funding is not permitted for preparing the work for the final stage for that type of research or creative scholarship. This includes:

      • Work done to prepare for an exhibit or performance 
      • Any supplies required to create the exhibition/performance such as sheet music, costumes, lighting or equipment, or required to do the work that forms the basis of a book or paper
      • Space rentals for rehearsals or for performances
      • Materials required for engaging in a research project


    The Office of Research and Innovation administers the PPP&E program under guidelines established by the Research Policy Council. Awards are made through the Journal Entry System (JES) to reimburse the designated department fund and ID number for approved expenses. Faculty must process expenses against the department account prior to submitting the application (see application procedures).


      • Only WMU bargaining unit faculty members are eligible to apply.
      • The department chair must certify that the expenses are proper and necessary.
      • Maximum reimbursement in one fiscal year will be up to the amount approved by the Research Policy Council each September for the current fiscal year. If a single award is less than the maximum, the faculty member may submit additional applications until the maximum is reached. If appropriate, multiple expenses from a single faculty member should be submitted at one time.
      • Reimbursement may not be claimed for expenses that could be recovered from other sources (e.g., grants or contracts).
      • All expenditures must conform to appropriate University policies.
      • The minimum amount of reimbursement per request is $100. 
  • Application Procedures

    Applications for reimbursement must be submitted via InfoReady include the following:

      • Expense receipts or invoices and processed WMU vouchers or procard statement showing payment was made
      • Department chair contact information for their verification
  • Contact

    Questions about eligibility or documentation can be directed to