Cayuse Sponsored Projects

When you are preparing a proposal for external funding, it needs to be approved by the appropriate WMU officials prior to submission.

Login to Cayuse and select Sponsored Projects from the Products list. Cayuse has a built-in resource where users can view announcements and search the Help Center.

Pre-Award Workflow

Researchers can create proposal records that represent new work or are related to existing projects (ie continuations, supplements). Once the proposal form is completed, the research team will route the proposal for review wherein all approved documents are saved.

For a consistent naming convention, it is recommended that you include your last name, sponsor, and year in the proposal name. You can enter the actual project title in the proposal form.


Dashboard Overview: Proposals can be viewed by status or other search criteria.  Cayuse generates a proposal number that follows the record through the award stage. Each record includes tabs to view the routing members, history, access permissions, attachments and more. Login at Cayuse Community for article

Proposal Form: Similar to the legacy system, the proposal form captures general and budgetary information, investigator credit, scope of work, and regulatory considerations. Users need to ensure all required questions are answered.  Once each section of the proposal form are complete and display green check marks, the PI can select "Route for Review."

Proposal Review: The proposal record will route for review to the research officer, research team, department administrators, college administrators, and finally to ORI signature authority. Individuals with access to the form can view the completed sections and download relevant attachments. If revisions are needed, reviewers can send the proposal back to "In Development" and recycle the review process. 

Approval: Once the proposal is formally approved, the research team needs to work with the research officer to submit final documents.