Bronco Innovators Challenge

Pitch materials should be submitted to InfoReady no later than 4/14/2023. Pitch Decks will be presented to judges on Friday, April 21st at 2:30pm at the Fetzer Center.

Video of Bronco Innovators Challenge

The Office of Research and Innovation is inviting you to join the inaugural Bronco Innovators Challenge.  We would like to help propel your ideas forward by supporting you with valuable workshops, mentoring opportunities, and funding for teams with viable innovative ideas.  This is a challenge not a competition!  Every team is eligible for funding, not just the top-ranking teams.  Throughout the Spring 2023 semester, teams will develop their innovative ideas with support from ORI, Mentors, Faculty and Staff.  One on One coaching will be available along with four informational events to help every team be successful.  This Challenge is open to WMU undergraduates. Seniors are allowed to participate in (but not lead) teams, so long as they do not make up the majority of the team.

Registration is open throughout the semester. Kick off, coaching sessions, and workshops are not required for April 21st pitch presentations. 

Spring 2023 Schedule

(Lunch will be provided each session)


Customer Focus:  Who is your customer?  How do you sell to them?

Friday, February 10th 11:30am-1:30pm, Lee Honors College

Learn how to identify your customer and what is important to them. The success of every business is dependent on understanding the customer and what motivates them to purchase what you are selling.

Next Steps-Partnerships and Resources

Friday, February 24th 11:30am-1:30pm, Lee Honors College

Every business needs partners and resources to develop, design, produce, and sell what they are offering. Learn how to understand what partnerships and resources will be important to the success of your venture.

Funding and Financials

Friday, March 17th 11:30am-1:30pm, Lee Honors College

It takes money to start a company and bring a product of service to market, but how much every business needs is different. Learn how to understand and map out the financial needs of your business idea and how entrepreneurs go about raising funding to launch and grow their business.

Creating a Successful Pitch Deck

Friday, March 24th 11:30am-1:30pm, Lee Honors College

An entrepreneur's most powerful tool for selling their idea and raising the money needed to be successful is the notorious pitch deck. Learn how to create a proper and powerful pitch deck for sharing the value and potential of your idea. 

Coaching/Mentoring Sessions 

February 17:


  • Pitch Decks Due Friday, April 14th
  • Final Poster Presentations and Pitches to judges on April 21st 1:30 pm at The Fetzer Center

Questions can be directed to Kelli Bond