Bronco Innovators Challenge

Video of Bronco Innovators Challenge

The Office of Research and Innovation is inviting you to join the Bronco Innovators Challenge. We would like to help propel your ideas forward by supporting you with valuable workshops, mentoring opportunities, and funding for teams with viable product and/or company ideas. This is a challenge not a competition! Every team is eligible for funding, not just the top-ranking teams. Throughout the Spring 2024 semester, teams will develop their innovative ideas with support from ORI, Mentors, Faculty and Staff. One-on-One coaching will be available along with four informational events to help every team be successful. This Challenge is open to WMU undergraduates. Seniors are allowed to participate in (but not lead) teams, so long as they do not make up the majority of the team.

Please sign up no later than January 19th at noon, 2024 via InfoReady. The information in this application does not need to be finalized, but is intended as a starting point for ORI to plan.

Questions can be directed to Christine Stamper