Career Guidance Inventory Assessment Tool

Product: Career Guidance Inventory—CGI Career Assessment Tool
Development Stage: Market Validated
Primary authors: Mark St. Martin, Glinda Rawls
License Status:  Sub-Licenses available
Copyright Status: Registered: United States: TX 7-203-829, TX 7-203-555
WMU Reference: 2009-01

Many people beginning or involved in academic pursuits are focused on optimizing their academic choices to ensure a satisfying future career. In addition, companies are focused on hiring talented people that will excel within their chosen occupation.

Assessment has shifted from evaluation of knowledge or skill only, to determination of a person’s interests and talents, with the outcome of delivering satisfaction, quality and productivity throughout their career. In addition to selecting the right talent for every position, continued identification of an individual’s strengths and interests is required for their continued growth, and for maximizing individual and organizational potential.

Technology Description

The Career Guidance Inventory (CGI) incorporates concepts and questionnaires focused on talents and strengths discovery and development. It is based on qualitative and quantitative data collection, research and expert analysis for determining individual talents, strengths, and position aptitude.

In addition to academic and candidate assessment, continued employee placement and development will be optimized with use of the CGI. The CGI is comprised of four modules:
1) Personality - determines emotional needs that reflect behavioral preferences important for career and academic choices.
2) Vocational Interest - assesses interest in acquiring knowledge and skills required for occupational areas and specific jobs. 
3) Occupational Value - ranks an individual’s job values like; profit, security, and creativity, in attaining occupational goals.
4) Achievement & Interest – measures self-reported interests and achievements.
An expert advisor will compare the results of the questionnaires with an individual’s academic and occupational choices to highlight consistencies and inconsistencies revealed by the CGI and to advise on possible rewarding alternatives.

Potential Benefits

•    Revealing a person’s strengths and interests for correct academic and career choices
•    Choosing the right talent for the right position
•    Optimizing performance of employees over time

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