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RESEARCH Workshop Series Schedule for the 2017-18 Academic Year

Research workshops are held at the Fetzer Center from 12:30 to 1:45 p.m. on scheduled Tuesdays. Lunch is provided. Registration is required at by the Friday prior to each workshop.

Spring semester workshops 2018

Jan. 23—Engaging Students in Research

One of a research university's richest resources is its students. Hear from experienced WMU faculty about how to effectively engage students in research and have them aid in your overall efforts.

Feb. 6—Yes, They are Talking About You! An Inside View of the Review Process

Meet with faculty members who have served as reviewers to find out what goes on behind the closed doors of a grant proposal review session.  We will also discuss some of the additional factors that govern funding decisions.

Feb. 20—Maximize Your Research Efficiency This Summer

Faculty members find that the four months during the summer can be the most productive for research.  Come hear from our panel about strategies to maximize efficiency and make the best use of the summer.

March 20—Understanding the Role of Project Evaluation in Grants

Evaluation is a requirement of many grant programs. Understanding and addressing these requirements is essential for both successfully seeking grants and achieving the objectives of funded projects. In this workshop, we will review the evaluation language from a variety of grant programs and translate the specifications into practical steps.

April 3—International Research: Opportunities and Challenges

This session will provide an overview of some of the opportunities that are available for international partnerships and conducting research.  In addition, we will talk  about some of the special considerations involved with international research.

April 17—Beyond Grants: How Intellectual Property,  Technology Transfer and Research Contracts Can Help Advance Your Research

This workshop will give an overview of how intellectual property is handled at WMU. We will discuss the resources available to assist faculty with developing and commercializing technology and issues to consider to preserve patent rights in an academic setting. In addition, we will talk about research contracts and other agreements which are often needed for securing funding to support your research.

Fall semester workshops 2017

Sept. 19—Stories from the Trenches: Building a Successful Research Career at WMU

Funded faculty and staff share their experiences with applying for and receiving a grant. They will share best practices for making the process as easy as possible and for making your proposal as strong as possible.

Oct. 3—Finding Funding to Support Your Research and Creative Activities

Get an overview of the resources available and how to best utilize them to identify suitable internal and external funding opportunities to build capacity for your research.

Oct. 17—First Steps: Reading and Interpreting Requests for Proposals (RFP) and How and Why to Contact the Program Officer

This session will highlight the important information you need to gather from an RFP in order to successfully meet funder requirements. We will also learn tips for contacting program officers and how to ask questions that will provide you useful and effective information.

Oct. 31—Understanding the Science of Interruption in Order to Develop Strategies for Effective Time Management

Faculty have many competing demands for their time. Writing grants and disseminating your research results are key toward your success as a researcher. We will discuss the science of interruption and learn some key strategies to better manage your time for writing purposes.

Nov. 14—How to Create a Budget that Gets You Where You are Going and Secure the Required Internal Approvals for Submission

This session will cover the information you need to create a strong budget that follows sponsor and University guidelines while also meeting your project needs and advancing your research agenda. We will also discuss how (and why) to get the required internal approvals to submit your proposal.