The Eve Table Support

Product: Eve Table Support 
Development Stage: Prototype Completed
Primary Inventor: Justin Peart, Industrial Design Department
License Status:  License Available
Patent Status:  US 29/316,044
Reference: 2009-006

Technology Description

The design for the Eve Table Support is simple, beautiful, and is easy to manufacture. It has three legs that are identical to each other, allowing them to be produced from the same mold and providing for inexpensive mass production of the support. The legs can be made from wood laminate, metal, plastic, fiberglass or any malleable material.  When assembled, the three legs form an infinite curve and provide a visually appealing and sturdy support for any table top.

The Eve Table Support can be of any height or width to support a variety of table surfaces. The figure (below) shows the design of the Eve Table Support with a triangular table top. Other table top shapes, such as round, square or rectangular can also be easily accommodated by the Eve Table Support.

Eve Table Support

Potential Benefits  

•    Beautiful and practical
•    Legs are inexpensive to manufacture from a single mold
•    Can be sized for any height table or table top dimension
•    Supports all table top shapes

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