FY 2021 Facilities and Administrative Cost Proposal

Western Michigan University is in the process of negotiating the university’s FY 2021 facilities and administrative (F&A) cost proposal.  The facilities and administrative cost proposal is negotiated with the federal government typically every four years with provisions for extensions of up to four years.  

The F&A cost rates are based on the WMU’s actual operating costs. Using guidelines provided by the federal government, WMU captures and calculates F&A costs.  The costs are allocated to different activities, especially research or teaching, proportionately. 

Space data is one of the most important factors in determining the F&A rate.  University facility costs are primarily allocated according to how University space is utilized.

See below for more information on the space survey and process for the F&A cost proposal.

Space Survey

The space utilization survey is underway in some departments with external research funding.  The space utilization survey gathers data on the specific use of campus space.  

We have representatives from each college assisting with the data collection required to complete the space survey and expect to have the survey completed by June 30, 2021.  You may be contacted to answer questions about who is in your assigned research space and how they are paid based on information we have provided the colleges.  Please note this is strictly for the F&A proposal and you will be asked to determine the use of space between instruction and externally funded research, not internally funded or unfunded research.  Your college representatives received training and our Grants and Contracts leads are available if you have any questions. 


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