Find Restricted Fund Accountant Assignments by Department

College and DepartmentFederal RFANon-Federal RFA
College of Arts and Sciences  
 Intercultural and Anthropological Studies, InstituteJoy MillsAna Councell
 Biological SciencesShellie MosherAna Councell
 ChemistryShellie MosherAna Councell
 College of Arts and Sciences Dean's OfficeJoy MillsAna Councell
 Comparative Religion Ana Councell
 EconomicsJoy MillsAna Councell
 EnglishJoy MillsAna Councell
 Environment, Geography and Sustainability, School ofJoy MillsAna Councell
 Gender and Women's StudiesJoy Mills 
 Geological and Environmental SciencesJoy MillsAna Councell
 History Ana Councell
 Mallinson Institute for Science Education (including SAMPI)Joy MillsAna Councell
 MathematicsJoy MillsAna Councell
 Medieval InstituteJoy MillsAna Councell
 PhilosophyShellie MosherAna Councell
 PhysicsJen RiceJen Rice
 Political ScienceShellie MosherAna Councell
 PsychologyJen RiceAna Councell
 School of Communication Ana Councell
 School of Public Affairs and Administration Ana Councell
 Sociology (including Kercher Center)Jen RiceAna Councell
 Spanish Ana Councell
 Statistics Ana Councell
 University Center for HumanitiesJoy Mills 
 World Languages and Literatures Ana Councell
College of Aviation  
 College of AviationShellie MosherAna Councell
College of Education and Human Development  
 Center for Research on Instructional Change in Postsecondary EducationShellie MosherAna Councell
 College of Education and Human Development Dean's OfficeShellie MosherAna Councell
 Counselor Education and Counseling PsychologyJoy MillsAna Councell
 Educational Leadership, Research and Technology (including Ctr for Ed Leadership & Policy)Shellie MosherAna Councell
 Family and Consumer SciencesShellie MosherAna Councell
 Human Performance and Health EducationJoy MillsAna Councell
 Special Education and Literacy StudiesJoy MillsAna Councell
 Teaching, Learning and Educational StudiesJoy MillsAna Councell
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences  
 Chemical and Paper EngineeringJoy MillsAna Councell
 Civil and Construction EngineeringJoy MillsAna Councell
 College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dean's OfficeJoy MillsAna Councell
 Computer ScienceJoy MillsAna Councell
 Electrical and Computer EngineeringJen RiceAna Councell
 Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Management SystemsJoy MillsAna Councell
 Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering ManagementJoy MillsAna Councell
 Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringJen RiceAna Councell
College of Fine Arts  
 Art, Frostic School Ana Councell

College of Fine Arts Dean's Office

 Ana Councell
 Dance Ana Councell
 Richmond Institute Ana Councell
 School of Music Ana Councell
 Theatre Ana Councell
College of Health and Human Services  
 Blindness and Low Vision StudiesJoy MillsAna Councell
 Center for Excellence in Gerontology Ana Councell
 College of Health and Human Services Dean's OfficeJoy Mills Ana Councell
 Interdisciplinary Health SciencesJoy Mills Ana Councell
 Occupational TherapyJoy MillsAna Councell
 Physical Therapy Ana Councell
 Physician Assistant Ana Councell
 School of Interdisciplinary Health ProgramsJen RiceAna Councell
 School of NursingJoy MillsAna Councell
 School of Social WorkJen RiceAna Councell
 Speech, Language and Hearing SciencesJoy MillsAna Councell
 Unified ClinicsJoy MillsAna Councell
Haworth College of Business  
 Business Information SystemsJoy MillsAna Councell
 Finance and Commercial Law Ana Councell
 Haworth College of Business Dean's OfficeJoy MillsAna Councell
 Management Ana Councell
 Marketing Ana Councell
Lee Honors College  
 Lee Honors College Ana Councell
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs  
 Academic Resource Center - Student Support Services  
 Archives and Regional History Collection  
 Enrollment ManagementJoy MillsAna Councell
 Extended University Programs (WMUx) Ana Councell
 Haenicke Institute for International Studies Ana Councell
 Lewis Walker Institute for Race and Ethnic Relations Ana Councell
 Merze Tate College (including Center for Academic Success ProgramsJen RiceAna Councell
 Student Financial Aid   
 University LibrariesShellie MosherAna Councell
 WMUK Radio Ana Councell
The Graduate College  
 The Graduate College Ana Councell
Office of Business and Finance  
 Facilities ManagementJoy MillsAna Councell
 Miller AuditoriumJoy MillsAna Councell
 Office of Community OutreachJoy MillsAna Councell
Office of Diversity & Inclusion  
 Division of Multicultural AffairsJoy MillsAna Councell
 Office of Diversity & InclusionJoy MillsAna Councell
Office of Research and Innovation  
 The Evaluation CenterShellie MosherAna Councell
 Office of Research and InnovationJoy MillsAna Councell
Division of Student Affairs  
 Division of Student AffairsJoy MillsAna Councell
 Sindecuse Health Center Ana Councell