Licensing Information

The School of Social Work at Western Michigan University partnered with the NASW-Michigan to provide licensing information to our students.  The materials are provided here for reference fro 2020 licensure.

NASW-Michigan licensure INFORMATION

2020 Licensure Checklist

Human Trafficking Requirement

Licensure Supervision facts

NASW-MI Licensure PowerPoint Presentation

What You Need to Know About Continuing Education

 NASW-MI Licensing video for WMU 

 MSW Career Readiness Licensure Preparation Workshop

This workshop is sponsored by WMU School of Social Work. Use the code WMUSW to access registration free of charge. The workshops will be facilitated by the BLND Clinical Social Work Team. Each workshop will be 90 minutes and will be offered twice per date. Pre-registration is required for both workshops via