Student Organizations

Eta Eta Sigma

Eta Eta Sigma is an undergraduate student organization open to any student interested in the helping professions. The Greek letters for the group are HHS, which stand for health and human services. This reflects the commitment of Eta Eta Sigma members to work to improve the health and well being of others through the direct provision of services. The organization appropriately has its leadership in the School of Social Work and the undergraduate advisor as the faculty mentor. An organizational and membership meeting is held early each fall, at which time plans are made for events to take place during the academic year. The organization focuses on providing community service and providing professional and educational opportunities. 

Eta Eta Sigma helps build relationships among students and provides hands-on professionally relevant experiences. Membership dues are $20 per year and include a subscription to the journal "The New Social Worker." Please contact the BSW Program Coordinator Linda Reeser at or 269-387-3177 for additional information or to join. 

Master of Social Work Student Organization

The Western Michigan University Master of Social Work Student Organization was established in 1969. Since then, the organization has dealt with the problems and issues that have confronted and affected social work students at Western Michigan University. The organization also acts as a liaison between students and faculty. Officers are elected once per year. The officers conduct the meetings, record the minutes, and represent student concerns. The meetings are open to all M.S.W. students and membership has no requirement other than being a student in the M.S.W. curriculum. 

  • Flint Water Task Force
    We felt compelled to assist Flint during its water crisis. We have partnered with Vernon Chapel church in Flint to distribute water directly to the people who need it most - people who don't live near Flint's water distribution centers and people who don't have cars and who just can't afford to travel to distribution centers. To date, we have delivered more than 30,000 bottles of water to the most underserved people in the city of Flint.

For more information about the activities of this organization, and times and locations for meetings, contact  

Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society: Theta Phi Chapter

In 1999, the School of Social Work chartered a local chapter, Theta Phi, of Phi Alpha, the national social work honor society. The mission of this organization is to promote high standards of education for social work and to invite into membership those who have attained excellence of scholarship and distinction of achievement as students of social work. Both graduate and undergraduate students ranking in the top 35% of their program will receive an invitation to apply for the honor society.  

Graduating members are honored during the School of Social Work graduation celebration (hooding and pinning). Membership in this honor society is life-long. Students do not need to apply and be admitted more than once. For more information about this organization, contact the Admissions Graduate Assistant at or (269) 387-8482.

Use your voice

Another great way to get involved in the school of social work is to serve on a committee! We wouldn't be a school without our students, and we need your voice to make our school everything you hoped it would be. You'll get to network with faculty and staff of the school and provide your feedback on our policies, structures, activities and curriculum. It's a great leadership experience opportunity and it looks awesome on your resume. All school committees meet on Tuesday mornings for one to one and half hours on a monthly basis. During the 21-22 academic year, all committee meetings will be held virtually to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Below is a list of the committees that have student representative positions. Please email the committee chair for information on how to join the virtual meetings. 


Focus/ Work of the Committee

Meeting time

Admissions Committee

Review and revise admissions processes and policies; root out implicit bias

Fourth Tuesday of the month

11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


Review and revise admissions processes and policies; root out implicit bias, determine ways to make the school actively anti-racist and anti-oppressive

Third Tuesday of the month;

11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Field Education

Review and revise field processes and policies; root out implicit bias

First Tuesday of the month;

11 a.m. to noon

Clinical Practice

Design and evaluate curriculum; collect and respond to assessment data

Fourth Tuesday of the month;

10 to 11 a.m.

Macro Practice

Design and evaluate curriculum; collect and respond to assessment data

Fourth Tuesday of the month;

10 to 11 a.m.


Design and evaluate curriculum; collect and respond to assessment data

Third Tuesday of the month;

10:30 to 11:30 a.m.