Student Centered Cafe

  • fresh beet cafe

    Fresh Beet Cafe (Student Design Concept)

  • fresh beet cafe

    A Student Centered Cafe (Student Design Concept)

  • Sustainable Cafe

    Music, meetings, studies, art, culture, fresh food, and more! (Student Design Concept)

During Summer 2015, a campus consortium of students, faculty and staff worked to establish a campus cafe that would be accessible to all WMU students for events, programming and healthy and nutritious food options. The working groups were focused on the diversity of programming options that would take place at the cafe. They also worked to develop a strategy for providing the best possible local, healthy and sustainable food options for a potential student-centered sustainable cafe. 

The cafe could someday be a catalyst that supports a culture of diverse and engaged students at Western Michigan University.

A Student-Centered Cafe at WMU

  • The student-centered cafe concept
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  • View the History and ongoing collaborative efforts to create a student-centered sustainable cafe at WMU
    Cafe History
  • Student concepts and illustrations for the Campus Trends Space
    FCS 3510 Studio ll: Family and Consumer Sciences Student Cafe Interior Design Charrette 10/29/14
    Instructor: Eleonora Philopoulos
    Design Study
  • Business Plan created in 2011 to demonstrate the viability of a sustainable student cafe at WMU
    Business Plan