Step One: Authorization

Travel authorizations can be submitted electronically through the University's TA system.


Step One: Estimate your travel expenses


Include costs such as: 
  • Departure and return dates
  • Conference cost
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Transportation cost (car rental, gas receipts, or mileage if using your personal car).
  • Meals



Step Two: Create an online Travel Authorization


University travelers, please complete these steps as far in advance as possible:
  • Login to the travel authorization system using your BroncoNet ID and password
  • Have your travel estimation available for entry into the online system
  • Complete and submit an online travel authorization
  • Wait for an email notification that your authorization has been approved



Step Three: Place your reservations

Once your authorization has been approved you can proceed with placing your reservations. Please utilize the navigations below to select your mode of transportation.




Continue with your reservations: