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WMU Aviation Flight and Management Student Shane Rembold

Earning His Western Wings – Shane Rembold Embraces All Aspects of Aviation

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Was Shane Rembold, a fourth-year student in the WMU College of Aviation, born to fly? There is maybe a gene or a DNA strand testifying to that. But why did he choose Western? The quality of the aviation program has something to do with it, and so did his sister. "She was enrolled in the nursing program and had only good things to say about WMU as a whole," says Rembold, a double major in aviation flight science and aviation management and operations.
WMU Aviation Flight Science Student Michael Coldagelli

Michael Coldagelli’s “Go For Shot” – Attend WMU and Pursue an Aviation Career

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If anybody can be defined as a legacy enrollee in the WMU aviation program, it's Michael Coldagelli.  His grandfather, Paul Harding, is a member of the Western class of 1954.  After his military service, Harding ended up as the executive vice president of marketing for -- where else -- Western Airlines, which, with its hub in Salt Lake City, functioned from 1925 to 1987 before it merged with Delta Air Lines.  Originally from New Berlin, Wis, Coldagelli is a double major in aviation flight science and aviation management and operations.

WMU Aviation Technical Operations Faculty Dr. Gail Rouscher and Husband

Wrenching Wings and Gearing for Professional Growth with Dr. Gail Rouscher

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Dr. Gail Rouscher has been at the College of Aviation since 2008 instructing such courses as introduction to airframes and systems, maintenance practices, aircraft structures, advanced structures and materials, and aircraft systems for pilots.  Not only does she bring academic credentials to her classes, but also the professional and practical aspects of what she teaches. Raised in Macomb County's Clinton Township, a northern suburb of metropolitan Detroit, Rouscher needs a large wall in her home to showcase the four diplomas she has earned -- an associate's in applied science (production technology) from Kellogg Community College (2004), a bachelor's in management and organizational development from Spring Arbor University (2007), a master's from Spring Arbor (2009) in organizational management, and her doctorate in educational leadership in higher education from Western Michigan in 2018.
WMU Aviation Flight and Management Student Amanda Charlton

Accessing Aviation with Amanda Charlton – Crusing Towards a High Flying Career

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The Facebook folks, who have garnered their share of the wrong kind of publicity in recent years, should connect with the family of Amanda Charlton for a testimonial about the tech giant's true mission -- the sharing of good and valued information. That's the reason Charlton, raised in Spring Branch, Texas, which is part of metropolitan San Antonio, ended up pursuing higher education way up north in a place called Kalamazoo, Mich. and opting to double major in aviation flight science and aviation management and operations.

WMU Aviation Flight Science Student Hunter Hayes

Finding Home with Hunter: Hayes Finds His Crew at WMU Aviation

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Aviation came into Hayes' direct focus as a junior in high school in the fall of 2015 when he enrolled in the aviation-exploration course offered by the Calhoun County Career Center's Battle Creek campus.  The seed had earlier been planted that spring.  "I took a tour of the technical-based school," he says.  "I was excited about all of the components that the aviation course -- the aviation industry for that matter -- had to offer." 

WMU Aviation Technical Operations Student Patrick Senger

Patrick’s Plan: Senger Turns Wrenches, Makes Music and Aspires to Fly in the Military

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For a young man who hails from Marine City, Mich., and intends to join a branch of the military, it seems there would be only one logical choice. Not for Patrick Senger, a fifth-year major in aviation technical operations in the WMU College of Aviation. Instead of humming the notes that accompany "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli," he'll be doing the same for "Off we go, into the wild blue yonder."

WMU Aviation Flight Science Student Brooke Semler

Diving In with Brooke Semler: An Aviation Bronco Birthright

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Fraternities and sororities often feature "legacy" pledges -- meaning if Dad was a Sigma Sigma or Mom was a Nu Nu, so is an offspring almost automatically.  While it was never "automatic," Brooke Semler puts the concept of legacy membership to shame.  The College of Aviation junior is a fourth-generation Western Michigan University Bronco.  Her parents hang Western diplomas on their wall.  So do a set of grandparents.  And even "Great Grandma." 

WMU Aviation Flight Science Student Vlad Robinson

Patience, Persistence and Pittsburgh – Vlad Robinson Routes His Way to WMU Aviation

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Vladislav Robinson wasn't born to fly, but it wasn't a heck of a long time after his birth that he did a lot of flying. At the age of 17 months, "Vlad" made his first flight, departing his birth country of Ukraine. His maiden aviation journey required four flights for the future Bronco to reach his adoptive parents in Port Orange, Fla, the placed he called home until 5th grade when he moved to Steeler Country: Pittsburgh Pa.  While this initial flight may have introduced him to higher atmospheric elevations, his true affinity for aviation was nurtured as he grew because his father was a pilot in the U. S. Air Force.
WMU Aviation Management and Operations Student Brady Wilson

The ABCs of Braden Wilson: Aviation, Broncos, and Camaraderie

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If you think the epitome of college life is shuttering in your dorm playing video games, you don't want Braden "Brady" Wilson as a "roomie."  A WMU College of Aviation junior, this "Brady" has bunched together a number of activities, all designed to maximize the enjoyment of this phase of his existence while navigating a course aimed at career success once the higher-education chapter of life ebbs into personal history. 

WMU Aviation Professor Lisa Whittaker

Aviation Passion and Professionalism – Professor Lisa Whittaker Has It All

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The work-experience section of Lisa Whittaker's resume would choke a paper shredder. Which is why, as a member of the WMU College of Aviation's faculty since 2000, she has taught these courses: aviation safety (her personal favorite), airport administration and finance, introduction to aviation, aerodynamics, introduction to airports, airline flight operations, and airline administration.  Her research topics include women’s studies, STEM, maintenance engineering and safety management systems.