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Perception is the Product

Posted by Matthew Bila on

About two years ago when I got hired as an aviation ambassador, our team leader always promoted the attention to detail and understanding that “Perception is the Product."

Organization is Key

Posted by Matthew Bila on

A Bachelors Degree in Aviation is a degree like no other, for many reasons beyond the obvious fact that we can attain the coolest jobs out there, by working in aviation.

My First Semester at WMU

Posted by Matthew Bila on

Going home for Christmas break, family members are going to ask “so was college everything you imagined it would be?” Undoubtedly, my answer every time will be ‘yes but also so much more.’

What School Never Taught me About a Real Job

Posted by Matthew Bila on

During the past summer, I emerged myself into a life changing experience that now I’m able to carry on with the experience and put it into practice on my daily duties as a professional and throughout my personal life as.

Transitioning to the Cirrus SR-20

Posted by Matthew Bila on

As many people know, aviation has the ability to captivate minds every second of every day.

The Importance of Networking

Posted by Matthew Bila on

Aviation Management and Operations student, Kyle Warren, talks abut the importance of networking.