WMU Aviation Sends TechOps Team to Maintenance Competition

Posted by Matthew Bila on

In just a few days, a team of students in our Aviation Technical Operations program will be traveling to Atlanta, Georgia to participate for the first time in the Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC). This competition gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to professionals in the industry, and to most importantly, network! The team this year is led by Gail Rouscher, assistant professor, and Nathan Lisak, faculty specialist. A live stream of the event can be viewed here.

The six WMU Aviation students participating at the AMC are:

  1. Taylor Chlebowski (senior) is from South Bend, Indiana. Upon graduation, Chlebowski hopes to take his A&P certification test and pursue a master’s degree while working toward a career in the airlines.
  2. Nathan Stewart (senior) is from Reading, Michigan. He grew up on a farm wrenching both vehicles and tractors. He says he “always enjoyed being in the barn with my dad fixing things.” Stewart found himself interested in planes and figured, “why not combine the two?” His brother graduated from WMU with his A&P certificate in 2014 and by fall of 2015, Stewart started his own journey at WMU to obtaining his A&P certificate and bachelor’s degree.
  3. Jose A. Rubio (junior) from Detroit, Michigan. Rubio chose to attend WMU Aviation because the program instills “fare more than just basic knowledge.” He hopes to inspire and help others pursue their passion for aviation just like the faculty and staff at the College of Aviation have done so far for him someday.
  4. Dakota Dawley (junior) is really looking forward to the AMC because “it will only help me become a more knowledgeable mechanic in the future.” He looks forward to meeting a lot of industry professionals and making connections.
  5. Riley Smith’s (junior) goal after WMU is to “travel and work in different facilities throughout the country” when he leaves the University. He would like to eventually work “on corporate aircraft as a long-term career.”
  6. David Burris (junior) is looking forward to the AMC because of all the networking opportunities that he will gain. In addition, his career goal is to work in corporate aviation after WMU.

Top down: Nathan Lisak, Nathan Stewart, Taylor Chlebowski, Jose Rubio, Dakota Dawley, David Burris, Riley Smith, and Gail Rouscher

WMU Aviation wishes the best of luck to our AMC team traveling to Atlanta, Georgia. The competition runs from April 8-11. For more information about the AMC and our team, please click here. Go Broncos!