Listening and Speaking Resources

Find resources below to practice listening, speaking, and pronunciation.


English Addicts
English Listening Lesson Library Online
ESL Gold
ESL Video
Intelligence Squared
Listening Resources
Many Things | Listening/Pronunciation
Randal’s Cafe

Listening activities


English Pronunciation Podcast
New York Times
Voice of America


Animal Planet
CNN Student News
Discovery Channel
National Geographic
New York Times
TED-Ed Lessons Worth Sharing
Voice of America

Speaking activities

ESL Robots
Choose a robot and answer his/her questions by typing them in the box. You can also ask him/her questions. You can click on different topics to see and listen to many conversations on different topics and then you can practice them with a robot.

Type in a word, phrase, or a sentence, choose the language (and dialect), and hear it pronounced.

Pronunciation activities

English Pronunciation Podcast—A great podcast that helps you improve your American English pronunciation. You can both listen to it and read the transcript at the same time. This podcast helps you tell a difference between single sounds in English that may sound very similar.

ESL Gold—Pronunciation activities.

Independent Study Lab—Pronunciation activities divided into different levels.

Many Things—Quizzes, listen and repeat activities.

Minimal Pairs

Past tense endings

Phonetics: The Sounds of English and Spanish, the University of Iowa—First download Flash 7 plug-in for the software to work. Then, choose American English at the top of the page. Now, learn all about American English sounds: how they sound, what to do with your mouth, how they look like on paper, and practice, practice, practice.