The final grade in your class will have two parts. The first is the class grade. The second is the assessment rating. The class grade will be assigned by the instructor according to the class syllabus. The assessment rating will be assigned according to your performance on one final product produced in each course. This product will be rated by a group of CELCIS instructors. In each class, students will be taught how to produce the product. 

At the end of the semester, CELCIS instructors will evaluate the assessment product based on a set of rubrics for each level. The instructors will give you a copy of these rubrics. The product will be evaluated as either "S" for satisfactory or "U" for unsatisfactory. Satisfactory means the product  meets the criteria for the level. Unsatisfactory means the product does not meet the criteria for the level. An unsatisfactory rating will lower your class grade by a grade (see Example 1). Students who do not produce the assessment product will earn an "unsatisfactory" rating on the product and their grade will be lowered. A satisfactory rating will raise your class grade by a grade (see Example 2). 

  Example 1 Example 2
Class grade C DC
Assessment grade U S
Final grade for the class* DC C

*The FINAL GRADE (not the assessment grade or the class grade) will determine whether or not you pass a class. Students must have a minimum grade of "C" or 75 percent in order to pass a class. 

Students who are not in class during the final week of classes may not be allowed to take the assessment. Students cannot take the assessment early. 

Progress reports

CELCIS students receive reports on their progress from their instructors via eLearning. These progress reports notify the students of the quality of their classroom performance in meeting the curricular goals. Students are rated on their overall performance, attendance, attitude and effort, and progress toward meeting the goals of the courses. 

Percentage grade

95-100 percent A
90-94 percent BA
85-89 percent B
80-84 percent CB
75-79 percent C
70-74 percent DC
65-69 percent D
0-64 percent E

Honor roll 

At the end of each semester, all students who have earned a final grade of BA or higher (90%) in every class will be placed on the CELCIS Honor Roll. The Honor Roll is posted on the wall in the main hallway of the CELCIS office in the garden level of Ellsworth Hall.