Admission to WMU

All prospective students who wish to apply to an undergraduate or graduate program at WMU may do so by submitting an online application.  For questions and advising, visit the International Admissions and Services office (IAS). Their office is located on the 3rd floor of the Faunce Student Services building.

When applying for admission, international students must provide proof of language proficiency.  CELCIS completion meets the language proficiency requirements for admission to all undergraduate programs and most graduate programs. 

To meet the language proficiency requirements for admission to the university, CELCIS students MUST: 

  • Pass all Advanced Level 2 classes (Speaking/Listening, Grammar/Communication, Reading/Writing 1, and Reading/Writing 2) with a final grade of C/75 or better for an automatic recommendation to WMU* or complete Pathway Program II.
  • Received a passing grade in BOTH Reading/Writing 1 and Reading/Writing 2. A combined grade will not be given. 
  • In the summer semester, advanced students must pass both summer I and summer II classes to meet the language proficiency requirements for admission to the university.

*New CELCIS students admitted for Summer II and placed at the Advanced Level 2 will be allowed to complete the program if they pass all of the Advanced Level 2 courses offered in Summer II, including Speaking/Listening, Grammar/Communication, and Reading/Writing II.

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