Disability Services

Student and teacher looking at computer monitorWestern Michigan University's Disability Services for Students offers services to both children and adults who have special needs. Reasonable academic adjustments and accommodations include but are not limited to:

  • Extended time for testing.
  • Alternative testing sites.
  • Permission to tape lectures.
  • Copies of overheads, outlines or notes used in lectures.
  • Volunteer readers.
  • Scribes for classroom.
  • Print materials in alternate format.

Steps to receive accommodations, which are granted on a case-by-case basis:

1. Obtain copies of documentation.

Documentation should show evidence of your disability, such as a brief report from recent contact with an appropriate professional or an in-depth psychological evaluation.

Documentation should include the following information:

  • A diagnosis of your current disability.
  • The date of the diagnosis.
  • How the diagnosis was reached, including any testing/evaluative instruments used, the scores attained, and any interpretation of what the scores mean.
  • How your disability affects a major life activity.
  • How the disability affects your academic performance.
  • Any available history concerning your disability.
  • Recommendations of appropriate academic adjustments and/or accommodations.
  • The credentials of the professional making the diagnosis.

2. Arrange an appointment at WMU's Disability Services for Students.

Bring documentation to the meeting, or send to the center per directions on the Disability Services for Students website.

3. Attend the appointment.

Be prepared to discuss the types of services and accommodations you received in high school when you meet with staff at the Disability Services for Students. Note: Not all services and accommodations that you received in high school are available at the University.

4. Follow the procedures for requesting accommodations.

The Disability Services for Students does not contact professors on a student's behalf. Once classes have begun and you know what is expected of you from each professor, request accommodation letters from the center to give to the professors.