Ran Wei

CELCIS student, Ran Wei, carving pumpkinCELCIS Alumna Pursues Sports Management Degree

Ran Wei arrived from China in August of 2015 to complete a graduate degree in sports management through a twinning program Western Michigan University has arranged with Hubei University. She planned to study English in WMU’s CELCIS program—the Center for English Language and Culture for International Students—for two semesters, but she successfully passed the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test after the fall semester and was able to enter the master’s program in sports management in January 2016. “English is challenging,” Wei said. “In China we learn in English in school but we almost never have the opportunity to talk with native speakers so pronunciation has been difficult to master. I was very happy to pass the TOEFL and to be able to start my university classes.” 

Wei said studying and participating in activities in CELCIS laid a solid foundation for her to feel confident as she transitioned into University classes. “The CELCIS teachers were all really friendly, kind and patient,” she said “They did a wonderful job of helping us adjust to being international students in the United States.”

As all good language learners who are studying abroad should do, Wei is immersing herself in her studies and campus activities to gain the knowledge and the language skills she will need to succeed in the sports management field. She has particularly enjoyed attending WMU’s NCAA Division I sporting events, which are free to attend for all University students. “Going to these sports games is very helpful to me in my major—I can compare the way sports are played here versus in China,” said Wei, who plans to work with China’s senior citizens when she returns home. “I think Chinese society pays too much attention to the young people, so I want to help people age successfully,”

In May 2016, Wei will return to China to conduct research related to her degree program over the summer months. She will return to WMU in fall 2016, with her sights set on completing her master’s degree and graduating in summer of 2017.

Ran Wei, China, CELCIS reflection

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