Formal Complaints

Western Michigan University and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences are focused on your success as a Bronco. We are committed to assisting you in resolving any complaints, concerns or problems you may encounter as a student. The College and University track, monitor and evaluate student complaints in order to make institutional improvements where needed. 

In general, the best place to start in attempting to resolve any academic issues is with your instructor.  While email is convenient, face-to-face discussions tend to be more effective when there are differences of perspective or opinion.  Make an appointment to meet with your instructor in person and explain calmly and professionally what you think needs to be changed and why.  Focus on the facts of the matter.  If you are not able to come to an acceptable understanding or resolution, repeat the process with the Department Chair of the course. 

If the matter has still not been resolved (or if your issue is non-academic), you may have the option of pursuing a formal appeal/complaint process.  Information on these formal processes (for both academic and non-academic issues) can be found here:

Additional questions related to the complaint process can be discussed with the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Dr. Cavalli.  His office is C-250 Floyd Hall (inside the CEAS Dean’s Office) or he can be reached by phone (269-276-3249) or email (