Mission, Vision and Values

These are the guiding principles that unite us, providing a shared sense of purpose and direction. They fuel our dedication to the growth and success of our students and ourselves and inspire us to maintain the highest standards of excellence in all that we do. In essence, they are the driving force that makes the College of Fine Arts an institution of transformative power.

Our mission

The College of Fine Arts fosters, integrates and promotes the academic and artistic excellence of its departments and schools. 

The vision

The College will be a national leader in the preparation of diverse artists, designers, teachers, and scholars through experiential learning and creative excellence within an inclusive community.

Core values

Sustainability–Guided: Fostering environmental, social, and financial responsibility to better serve our global community

Community Engaged: Nurturing local and global partnerships with measurable impact

Discovery-Driven: Building upon our creative tradition with technology, innovation, and interdisciplinary work

Equity-Centered: Using diversity, equity, and inclusion frameworks for collaboration and decision-making

Learner-Focused: Engaging students’ interests, curiosity, and passion through experiential learning