Technology Services

If you are looking for the main WMU Technical Help Desk call (269) 387-4357

The College of Fine Arts Help Desk is located on the second floor of the Richmond Center in room R2402 (inside of the Frostic School of Art office suite). You can also reach the CFA Computing Office by calling (269) 387-2457.

If you require help, please email or call Kevin Wesel.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a plan to replace faculty computers?

As of 2009, funding is allocated each year to replace one fourth of the computers for full-time faculty. The College of Fine Arts has approximately 80 eligible faculty for this initiative. That means that about 20 faculty computers will be replaced each year. The faculty receiving new computers each year are identified by their unit chair/director.

I'm having trouble with the Internet connection in my office, what can I do?

If you cannot connect wirelessly, then call the WMU help desk line at (269) 387-4357 and choose option two for network services. Notify them of the problem. If you cannot connect through the wired jack in your office then call the College of Fine Arts Help Desk. We will come and make sure the jack is active and connected to your computer. If the jack is not active, then your department office will need to activate it.