2019 CHHS Faculty and Staff Award recipients

The college announced the 2019 CHHS Faculty and Staff Award recipients at an all-hands meeting on Friday, April 19. These individuals exemplify the best that our college has to offer – dedication to our students and colleagues, attention to the craft of education, and participation in our communities. 

  • Outstanding Customer Service Award
    Janay Christian, Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies
  • Professional Instructor Teaching Excellence Award
    Samuel Abraham, Bronson School of Nursing
  • Faculty Teaching Excellence Award
    Sally Sutkowi, Bronson School of Nursing
  • Scholarship Excellence Award
    Yvette Hyter, Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
  • Interprofessional Collaboration Award
    IPEER - Interprofessional Peer Education and Evidence for Recovery project
    • Ann Chapleau - Department of Occupational Therapy
    • Rosie Corliss - Recovery Institute of Southwest Michigan
    • Jennifer Harrison - School of Social Work

Following are photos from the event:

Outstanding Customer Service
Dean Cisler with Janay Christian
  Professional Instructor Teaching Excellence
Mary Lagerwey, Sal Sutkowi and Dean Cisler
Faculty Teaching Excellence
Mary Lagerwey, Sam Abraham and Dean Cisler
  Scholarship Excellence
Laura DeThorne, Yvette Hyter and Dean Cisler
Interprofessional Collaboration
Associate Dean Ann Tyler, Ann Chapleau, Rosie Corliss
and Dean Cisler (not pictured: Jennifer Harrison)