Pre-Arrival Guide: Learn About WMU

Pre-Arrival Guide progress: Learn about WMUTake a Tour of Campus  

Take a Virtual Tour of the Western Michigan University campus!  

Video of Western Michigan University Fall Campus Tour

Autumn is one of Michigan's most beloved seasons, attracting tourists from around the nation who take driving tours to see our trees transition to vibrant shades of red, orange and purple.


WMU Support and Resources

WMU offers multiple academic support services to all students, as well as specialized programs available to certain populations of students. These offices stand ready to continue to provide service at a distance. All offices can be reached by phone and email and many are providing video services online through Microsoft Teams or other mechanisms.

Support Resources 


International Student Experiences at WMU

Video of LIFE in CELCIS at Western Michigan University

Let CELCIS students tell you about their experience studying English in the Western Michigan University Center for English Language and Culture for International Students (CELCIS).

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Video of #WorldAtWestern | International at Western Michigan University | Aida Faryami

Undergraduate student, Aida Faryami, talks about her experiences studying biomedical sciences at WMU.

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Video of #WorldAtWestern | International at Western Michigan University | Shahid Iqbal

Graduate student, Shahid Iqbal, talks about his experience in the Physics program at WMU.

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Technology REsources at WMU

Students working in a WMU computer lab.

Western Michigan University provides students a multitude of technology resources including online collaboration tools, the Microsoft Office Suite and on-campus computer labs with printing  capabilities.

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Safety at WMU

Video of Everything you need to know about Public Safety at Western Michigan University

Let us tell you about public safety at Western Michigan University.


Student Life and Recreation

WMU international student in a "W" t-shirt holds a volleyball on the outdoor sand volleyball court

The Student Recreation Center is free for all fee-paying students. The facility offers exercise equipment, indoor playing courts, climbing wall and more.

Registered Student Organizations (RSO') are an important part of the United States university culture. At WMU, there are hundreds of RSO's that give students the opportunity to network with other students, gain professional experiences, volunteer and explore hobbies. 



Tobacco Free Campus

"Welcome to Western Michigan University's tobacco-free campus"At Western Michigan University, the use of tobacco products is only permitted in enclosed personal vehicles. The use of tobacco products is not permitted indoors or outdoors on any University property. Tobacco products are defined to include the following: cigarettes, electronic-cigarettes, cigars, bidis, snuff, snus, water pipes, pipes, hookahs, chew and any other non-combustible tobacco products. Read more


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