Math 1100 Algebra I

Purpose of Math 1100

The purpose of all of the developmental mathematics courses is to support student success academically and beyond by advancing critical thinking and reasoning skills. Specifically in Algebra I, as a team, we will create and critique explanations and justifications.  We will also determine which tools/strategies are needed to complete an argument.  A theme throughout the semester is to examine statement to determine if it is sometimes true of always true.  Then justify justify the claim with examples if the statement is sometimes true or complete justification if the statement is always true.

The Developmental Math Program in the Department of Mathematics at Western Michigan University offers Math 1100, a mastery-based algebra course covering the arithmetic foundations of algebra, properties of real numbers, linear equations and inequalities and systems of linear equations.



  1. Thursday, May 16; 25 minutes
  2. Thursday, May 30; 50 minutes
  3. Friday, June 7; 25 minutes
  4. Tuesday, June 18; 50 minutes

The final exam is on the last day of class: Tuesday, June 25

If you are unable to attend class on any exam day, you must contact Mrs. thayma Lutz prior to class or a make-up exam may be denied: (269) 387- 4524.

Tentative schedule by week

  1. Course information, Rates, Ratios and Units, Always vs Sometimes
  2. Fraction Comparisons and Justifications, Exam 1 (25 minutes), Growth/Decay Factors and Algebraic Properties, Order of Operations
  3. Order of Operations, Solving Symbolically Related to Undoing Order of Operations, and Percent Up/Down
  4. Percent Up/Down, Exam 2 (50 minutes), Equivalent Expressions
  5. Functions, Linear and Exponential Functions, and Exam 3 (25 minutes)
  6. Linear and Exponential Functions
  7. Exam 4 (50 minutes), Solving graphically, Solving Symbolically, TBA
  8.  Final Exam

Monday, June 3 is the last day a student can process an officially withdrawal from a class to avoid a failing grade.


There are many online videos on Algebra I topics. As with anything viewed on the Web, one should first sift through and determine which information is of value and actually correct. The director of the Developmental Mathematics Program recommends Algebra I students view the Khan Academy videos for Pre-Algebra and Algebra I.