Research Opportunities

Math ClubResearch experiences for undergraduates

One of the most exciting opportunities offered to undergraduate students at Western Michigan University is the chance to participate in meaningful research. Many programs exist to help you experience mathematics in real-world settings, working either with professional researchers or faculty members. Most of these opportunities are summer programs, which take place both in the U.S and abroad. Because it is generally necessary to apply to the individual programs which interest you, a number of online resources exist to help you locate the best research experience.

Resource pages

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation, which provides a great deal of grant funding, has a searchable online index of research opportunities for undergraduates.

American Mathematical Society

The American Mathematical Society has a list of summer research programs and a page with links to internship and co-op opportunities available to undergraduates. More information is also available on their main undergraduate page.

Mathematical Association of America

The Mathematical Association of America has information about year-long and summer research programs.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics has a list of fellowships (financial grants) and research opportunities, including a large selection for undergraduates (beginning about half-way down the page).

Association for Women in Mathematics

The Association for Women in Mathematics has a list of research programs specifically for women and underrepresented groups, as well as a number of more general opportunities.

Summer programs

Check these organizations for summer opportunities: