Advising Contact

Math studentThe Department of Mathematics at Western Michigan University provides academic guidance, planning major requirements, resources for academic support, and help with processing special forms. Please contact one of the faculty listed below to set up an appointment.


General Advising

Math Program Advising

Engineering Advising


For advising in mathematics graduate programs, contact Jeffrey Strom. For advising in mathematics education graduate programs, contact Tabitha Mingus.

Course Planning

To view Math courses go to the WMU Catalog.

The six-year schedule of courses will help plan your education to graduate in a timely manner.

Each summer, course offerings are sensitive to sufficient enrollment and availability of qualified faculty to teach them. Thus, courses listed in the 6-year plan may not be offered according to the indicated schedule. Students are advised to check schedules and meet with an advisor frequently for any change in offerings that might affect their program plans.